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How To Clean An Area Rug

Here are some DIY tips: How to clean an area rug. 

Be careful applying these tips when cleaning your own area rug. Keep in mind there are many variables involved when it comes to the making of a rug, ensure your rug can apply these DIY techniques, as rugs cleaning with an improper cleaning processes can damage the rug beyond repair.

1. Your Rugs Need Some Major Agitation

You will need to find a way to beat the rug. For big rug shops this process is the most important and can easily be done with the proper equipment. For home owners the best route would be to put it over a fence and use a broom beat the rug. This will remove lightly embedded soils from the area rug.

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2. Scheduled Vacuuming

Now that you’ve removed most of the loose debris, it’s time to break out the vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuuming is going to be your rugs’ best friend in terms of maintaining its original sheen and luster. We suggest (depending on the amount of traffic your rug will get, will play into the consideration of frequency) at least two times a week. It can literally add years to the life of your rugs.

3. Removal of Stains

As soon as there has been an identified spot or stain on the area rug, you must at quickly. Get a white rag and blot until there is no more transfer to the rag. Blot the stain from outside to inside and then rinse. If need be, repeat these steps. Try not to scrub the stained area too hard as this may adversely affect the fibers.

4. Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Depending on the material with which the rug was constructed, you should perform a professional cleaning in one year intervals.  If your rug is subject to a lot of foot traffic, or your household includes young children and/or pets, a deep cleaning might be in order on a more regular basis. If the rugs are delicate, extremely aged, or from certain regions of the world, you should hand wash them only. Rugs made from natural fibers are best cleaned with gentle cleaners and cold water.

5. Ensure Your Rug is Dry

After a deep cleaning you want to be absolutely sure that it is dry on both sides, this is best done by using a moisture meter. If you don’t have moisture meter handy, ensure you ring out any excess water. Use the heat of the sun, and air movers/fans to speed up the drying process so as to prevent any possibility of mildew or mold setting in.

Tips for Maintaining Your Area Rug. 

Here are a few tips to keep your rugs in great condition.

1. Get a Professional Grade Area Rug Padding

Now that your rug is clean, be sure that they are supported by quality padding underneath. This not only enhances the comfort factor, it prevents slippage and aids in reducing wear.

2. Frequent Rotation Your Rug

Make sure and rotate your rugs in a clockwise or counter clockwise manner, once every few months. Depending on the degree of foot traffic the rug experiences, some people rotate them as often as every month. This helps reduce “traffic patterns

3. Rotate Your Furniture

Besides giving a room a new look, rearranging furniture breaks up or eliminates natural pathways that people usually traverse across. This can add years to the life of your rugs



Consider Calling a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Company

No matter how great a job you do in cleaning and maintaining your rugs, there are bound to be times – due to either convenience or excessive staining or buildup of dirt and grime – when you need the services of a pro. No matter what the cause, there are many good reasons to entrust the cleaning of your area rugs to a professional.

1. We Area Your Local Area Rug Cleaning Experts

No matter what the material, size, or condition of your area rugs, we know exactly what to do to make them look clean and healthy. We have many years of experience and proper cleaning equipment to do the job.

2. No Rug is To Large

As Professional area rug cleaners, we tackle the deepest stains and the dirtiest rugs with the tools and cleaning agents that are consistently proven to provide successful deep clean outcomes. The result is an area rug that looks almost brand new.

4. We Have The Time and Knowledge

It may be that what with your work in and out of the home, you just don’t have the time to keep your rugs in the kind of shape you desire. Some people contract with a professional cleaner for periodic cleanings and maintenance for their area rug on a regular basis. For them, the cost and peace of mind of this service is well worth it.

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In addition to knowing how to properly care for them, it’s just as important to deal with a reputable area rug cleaning company in selecting the rugs you wish to purchase to begin with. If you’re looking to add another area rug to your home, The Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility can assist you with all of your flooring needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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