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Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rug Knotting

All hand knotted rugs are made using knotted pile, which is a material that is formed with upright loops of yarn. Pile represents the density of the rug. Low pile rugs are almost flat, while high pile rugs are luxurious and thick.

Knot Types

There are two major types of knots: the Senneh (Persian) and the Ghiordes (Turkish), and both types are tied around pairs of warped strings. However, Senneh knots are asymmetric with the fabric open at one side. Ghiordes knots are symmetric, with both sides open in the center. Senneh knots are widely used, while Ghiordes knots are used exclusively in Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Pile knots are usually knotted by hand. Differences in knot types relate to the manufacturer of the rug, since knots can vary on a regional or tribal basis. One knot variant is called the Jufti knot, is tied around four strings of warp, with each loop on a single knot tied around two warps. Jufti can be both asymmetrical or symmetrical. These knots can make serviceable hand knotted rugs. The rugs that come after don’t last nearly as long as their counterparts.

Another knot variant is found in many early Spanish style rugs. The Spanish knot, also known as the Single warp knot, is wrapped around a single warp. These kinds of knots can also be found in Egyptian Coptic area rugs.

Sometimes, irregular knots can happen in hand knotted rugs. Missed warps, knots over three or four warps, single warp knots, and knots sharing one warp are all examples often found in Turkmen rugs, contributing to their dense and regular structure.

Offset knotting, or diagonal knotting, includes knots in successive rows that are in alternate pairs of warps. While this allows for changes from half-knot to the next, it makes a diagonal pattern at various angles. This technique is difficult to master, found in Kurdish or Turkman rugs and tied symmetrically.

Our Services

 It isn’t surprising that, at Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility, we know our hand knotted rugs. We take pride in our expert rug knowledge and we are happy to share that information for you. To learn more, call our team of experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility 813-344-5112. We will be happy to answer any questions, comments or concerns you might have about our services. We can also provide a free quote for your next visit.

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