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What is Area Rug Dye Bleeding?

How to Avoid Bad Effects of Area Rug Cleaning Such as Bleeding.

You may have tried DIY area rug cleaning if you have beautiful rugs spread throughout your home or workplace. Maybe you hired someone to clean them, only to find you have a damaged rug. When an area rug is not taken care of correctly, one of the most common issues is dye bleeding. What you need to know about running colors and the importance of having your rug cleaned by professionals.

What is the Cause of Dye Bleeding?

 The dyes can mix together and cause the colors, patterns and the overall look of your rug to change. When a rug is not made to be colorfast, that is where the problem starts. When you add incorrect area rug cleaning procedures, you have colors running together. The biggest culprit is, yep you guessed it, red dyes. It can happen to any color as well. If additional color was added to the rug after it was woven, this can cause colors to bleed when cleaned incorrectly or by not using a professional cleaner.

Why You Should Use an Area Rug Cleaning Professional

You expect a cleaning company to clean your rugs without causing damage. If you call a company that does not have the right experience, the problem starts. A dye test should be used to determine which cleaning solution works best for your rug since there are many ways to clean an area rug. It cannot be stated enough; the right solution and application are of upmost importance. The wrong solution or application can damage your area rug that may be hard to fix. Attempting area rug cleaning on your own, may actually cause damage that cannot be repaired. You will either have to keep a rug that is less than perfect, or have to go buy a new rug. Having your rug regularity cleaned is important for it to stay in good condition. You won’t experience dye bleeding and it prevents a build up of allergens, dirt and even toxins.

To Sum Things Up

 An experienced professional should be cleaning your area rug. You need one that has the experience and knowledge of the right applications and products to use, to clean your rug without causing damage. If you are looking for an experienced professional with a great team to clean your rugs, Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility can help you. Contact us today to find out about our area rug cleaning services.  813-344-5112.

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