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Dry Cleaner that Cleans Area Rugs

Should I Use A Dry Cleaner to Clean My Area Rugs?

There are many variables to choose from but you might want to reconsider if you’ve been taking your area rug to the dry cleaners. Many dry cleaners advertise they can clean rugs and list pricing for rug cleaning, but there are some dangers to a dry clean rug service.

Every rug is unique and the material it is made from should dictate how you clean your rug. Using the wrong chemicals or cleaning processes can cause permanent damage. Dry cleaners might also use steam cleaning on the rugs, which can be too hot for the dyes in your rug, thats why choosing an area rug cleaning near me company is recommended.

It’s not very convenient to roll up your rugs and take them to the dry cleaners, most professionals rug cleaning companies will offer pickup and delivery. Before your next trip to the dry cleaners, lean a bit more about the difference between a Dry Cleaners and Professional Area Rug Cleaners.

Dry Cleaning Chemicals Can Damage Your Rug

 The term dry cleaning is somewhat misleading because it sounds like nothing is being applied to the rug. However, dry cleaning often includes chemicals. Not all cleaning chemicals are bad for rugs, in fact they can help ensure no mold or dust mites are left behind.

However, some chemicals can harm your rugs or cause discomfort if anyone in your home is sensitive to chemicals.

Check the labels on your rug to see what material it is made from, and make sure those chemicals are safe to use on your rug. Some chemicals can break down the fibers in your rug or they may cause your rug to fade.

Your local dry-cleaning shop might know how to clean rugs, but know that some don’t. Take the time to do some research on whether it is a good choice for you and your family.

Special Care for Oriental Rugs

 If you are an owner of an oriental rug, know that they require special care. The weaving and dying processes are unique in oriental rugs, and protecting them means having experts take care of these rugs.

Oriental rugs with fringes take special care as well because the fringe is fragile. There are several types of fringe that require different care. When talking to your local dry cleaner, ask if they have an oriental rug expert, if not it is best to use the experts.

Oriental rugs can be heirlooms passed down from generation to generation if properly cared for. Just be aware of your cleaning methods to insure their longevity.

Dry Cleaners Don’t Repair Rugs

 You might not think your rug needs repair, but professional rug cleaners inspect rugs while in the process of cleaning them. They can find weaknesses and concerns in the rug before they cause a problem.

Dry cleaners are not usually experienced in rug repair. You might be able to find a specialized dry cleaner that has an oriental rug expert. Rug cleaning is about more than dirt and debris, it is also about ensuring the long life and beauty of your rug. A rug expert can make recommendations on rug maintenance to help you protect and preserve your rug.

The Difference Between A Rug Cleaner and A Dry Cleaner

 Dry cleaners provide cleaning services for everything from dresses, shirts and bedding. This is the preferred method of cleaning instead of machine washing for fabrics like silk, wool, leather and other fragile materials.

Dry cleaning processes use liquid chemicals but no water to clean fabrics. As part of the process, a chemical solvent is sprayed on the article of clothing. Then, there is an extraction cycle that removes the excess solvent, almost like the spin cycle of your washing machine.

Dry cleaning dates back to thousands of years, as early as the year 79. It is not a new process, but one that has been perfected over the years.

In places that make oriental rugs, some locals still use washing methods that are by hand in rivers and laying them out to dry. The dyes and materials are fragile and they knew that the sun can kill bacteria in the rugs.

We apply the same care and gentle process to our rug cleaning at Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant. Our process includes looking at the rug’s construction, fiber types, dyes used and the condition of your rug to create a special treatment. Then we work at ensuring your rugs beauty while removing harmful dust and dirt deep in the fibers. We will also make sure to kill any bacteria in your rugs to keep your home safe.

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