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Author: Oriental Rug Cleaning Co

Know Your Stuff!

Our rug washing Tampa company provides a high quality, full immersion cleaning of a wide variety of types of area rugs within our facility. This particular type of cleaning process is safe and highly effective for treating just about all types of area rugs. The rugs that we put in our homes, on our walls or even outdoors are all made particular ways using particular materials that should be addressed and maintained properly. Proper maintenance performed in home as well as in a facility, by professionals will make all the difference in the life and look of your rugs. In home, it is up to the area rug owner to use and maintain the rug properly. Area rugs that are machine made using synthetic materials typically have a backing on them that makes them easy to place in or outdoors. The synthetic materials used are typically quite durable, which makes synthetic area rugs ideal for being placed in locations where the rug would be used regularly. These types of area rugs can withstand constant usage as well as regular maintenance. Most synthetic area rugs are purposely placed in high traffic areas, as they are a less expensive way to provide a nice look while being able to hold up to the constant usage. Natural fiber area rugs are a bit of a different story, due to the natural fibers used to craft the rug. Natural fiber area rugs are typically considered higher end rugs that are quite a bit more expensive than synthetic area rugs. While natural fiber rugs can be machine made and mass produced these days, most area rug lovers opt for a custom made, hand woven natural fiber area rug. While synthetic area rugs are typically purchased for cost, aesthetics and durability, most natural fiber area rugs are purchased essentially as fine works of art by true rug lovers.

The basic information on the two different general types of area rugs helps to point consumers in the right direction when they are considering purchasing an area rug. Sometimes, area rugs are gifted or inherited, which can put someone in a position of confusion. Most consumers are just purchasing or maintaining an area rug with no knowledge or concern about what it is they have or how to treat it. Knowing the difference in types of rug fibers and crafting methods will help any rug owner to purchase, use and care for the right rug for their needs. We did mention previously that proper maintenance can go a long way in maintaining the life and look of your area rug, regardless of the fiber type or construction method, proper maintenance is very important. The most common and effective form of in home maintenance is regular vacuuming. Depending on the level of use your rug is subjected to, you may need to vacuum anywhere from once a week to every day of the week. Vacuuming regularly helps to remove any loose debris and prevents dirt, dust or hair from compounding into the fibers of the rug or even the base of the rug. Another critically important step in properly maintaining your in home area rug is rapid response to any spills or messes that may occur. Any mess that happens on your area rug can quickly become permanent damage if it is not attended to quickly. There are some unfortunate types of messed that almost instantly become permanent. However, most of the time, if you clean quickly, most messes can be resolved and not leave permanent damage. When tending to a mess, always remember to follow a few particular steps. Step one is to delicately remove anything that can be picked up and tossed. If the mess is food or animal waste, most of it can be quickly picked up and disposed of. After initial removal, you would want to clean the remaining mess using a safe solution of water, dish soap and white vinegar. Mix evenly in a bowl and apply directly to the mess, then dab and blot as much of the mess away as you can. After you have treated the mess, contact us and set up a professional Tampa rug cleaning service.

The professional area rug cleaning service we provide is a full immersion cleaning in our facility. This highly effective, safe method of rug washing is recommended to be carried out every one to three years, based on usage. Most customers who use their rugs regularly should have professional cleanings performed annually. Rugs not subjected to foot traffic or are used as wall decorations can be cleaned every 2-3 years, as long as they are located in adequate locations (low humidity, dust or sunlight). The full immersion washing process is meant to replicate the river washing process that has been performed for many generations in areas where rug crafting was prominent. The process of river washing is pretty much exactly how it sounds. The natural current of the river would help to flush the debris out of the rig without damaging it. Our process is similar, but modern. Your rug is inspected before and after each step of the washing process. The first step is the Dusting procedure, in which the rug is placed, upside down on a custom floor where it is lightly beaten on the back to knock all debris out. Next, the rug is flushed and agitated. This is the step of the process that mostly imitates the river wash. After the wash is complete, the water is flash extracted safely using a top of the line centrifuge machine. This machine uses centrifugal force to pull just about all the water out of the rug in a quick and safe manner. After that, the rug is hung or laid out (depending on the type of rug) to complete the drying process.

The professional full immersion rug washing process is a time proven method of cleaning that will absolutely help you to get the most life out of your rug. While it is very important to keep up with regular in home maintenance, as well as properly cleaning up any mess or accident that might occur is incredibly important, having professional cleanings performed in a facility is essential. When the time comes, reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help!

Area Rug Cleaning Clearwater FL


We have built our business on a well received platform of providing each customer an outstanding cleaning service, as well as a fantastic customer service experience! It is our belief that each customer deserves an experience that is comfortable and welcoming. Whether you are an avid rug enthusiast who is new to the area and looking for just the right company to take care of your beloved textiles, or you have your first natural fiber rug and do not know how to take care of it, we have a wonderful staff that will help to make your experience with our company memorable! We believe that our dedication to making the entire customer experience comfortable and positive has been the backbone of our company’s success. Practicing our business methods in this manner has enabled our company to be capable of providing our services all throughout the Greater Central Florida Area. This includes our wonderful customers in the greater Tampa area reaching from area rug cleaning in Brandon to area rug cleaning Clearwater. Besides our abundant repeat customers, we do regularly get customers calling us to ask if we offer oriental rug cleaning Clearwater services, as well as other areas throughout Central Florida. One of our staff members is always ready and happy to check your zip code to ensure that we can offer our services in your area. Or, you can always feel free to check out our service areas page on our website.


Most commonly, our company offers pickup and delivery services for all area rug washing appointments.We typically designate particular days and arrival windows for particular areas weekly, as this helps to keep everything nice and organized and all rug washings on track for on time completion. During all standard pickup and delivery services, we send one of our actual lead area rug technicians, along with an assistant. It has been in our experiences that we have come to realize the advantages that comes along with sending one of our lead area rug technicians (especially for pickups) to meet each customer and discuss the concerns associated with the area rug washing service that is going to be performed. This gives each customer the opportunity to meet a couple of the technicians who will be performing the services on their area rugs. Each customer can directly interact with a lead rug tech, which creates a great dialog, which in turn helps us to provide the best service possible. When chatting with one of our area rug technicians, the tech will ask you a few questions about your rug, just as we mentioned before. This helps us to possibly catch a little bit of helpful information that otherwise may have slipped through the cracks.

Once your area rug is back in our facility, the magic begins! Before any services begin, one of our lead area rug technicians will perform an incredibly thorough, in depth inspection of your area rug. Checking for base fiber issues, color bleeding or dye transfer issues, damage to the rug and even verifying the materials used to craft the area rug will all play a factor in the outcome of your rug cleaning Clearwater service! If our area rug technician comes across any issues that need addressing, he would simply call you to discuss the found issue and what treatment options are available. We do have solutions and methods to help solve a variety of issues involving multiple aspects of the area rug washing process. The inspection will also tell the technician what methods of approach are best based on the fibers used, crafting method and dyes used.

After the initial in facility inspection of your area rug, we begin the washing process. The first step is a thorough rug dusting. This process involves laying your rug out upside down on a custom floor where we use a hand operated tool to lightly beat the back of the rug, knocking all loose contaminants out. If your area rug has any urine issues, the urine extraction pretreatment would be carried out before the immersion wash begins. The urine extraction pretreatment is a highly effective treatment that completely removes all urine from within the area rug and totally eliminates any associated odor. Once the urine extraction process is completed (or if it is not performed), the rug is then laid out on a custom wash floor for the full immersion washing process to be carried out. The full immersion washing consists of applying cleaning solutions that are safe and effective for your specific area rug and then agitating all of the surface fibers of the rug, while it is fully immersed (flushed) with cool water. Once the washing process has been completed entirely, we then dry your rug and prep it for delivery. Our flash extraction drying process ensures that your rug is safely and completed dried in short order, which helps to eliminate the possibility of any issues that could come along with an extended drying process. To prepare your area rug for delivery, it will be thoroughly inspected one last time, vacuumed and bagged. We then deliver your nice, clean area rug!

We have been in business for over a decade and greatly cherish each and every one of our customers! Without wonderful customers, like those who love our Clearwater area rug cleaning services, we would not have achieved the success that we have! We are dedicated to continuing to provide the best service experience possible! So, If you are looking for area rug cleaning Clearwater, FL, you have found the right place! Give us a call at 813-344-5112, or check our out site for more information or to schedule your pickup appointment!

Rug Cleaning St Pete

When selecting an area rug cleaning St Petersburg Fl company, look no further than Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility. We have been in the cleaning industry for over a decade. The owner of the company has lived in the central Florida for his entire life and St Petersburg fl holds a special place in his heart. He has attended many industry specific educational courses in the area. He also had the privilege to speak at a Cleaning Convention in the area in 2018 about his companies successes. We take everything he has learned and implemented that into our company polices as well as the training our technicians receive. He takes great pride in providing a positive experience not just a cleaning service.

Area Rug cleaning in St Petersburg Fl 

Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for the positive feedback from our awesome customers in the St Pete area. The feedback about our online video demonstrations of our step by step cleaning services has been tremendous. Whether your rug needs just a good ol’ fleshing up, or has a few traffic areas or spill, the video demonstration on our home page of this website can show you what makes us stand out from the rest. Urine concerns? Our pet odor removal video shows you how we can remove the urine salts properly while not damaging the rug itself. We have a guaranteed 100% pet odor removal guarantee for any rug that comes through our facility. That means we will not be returning your rug unless all odors have been 100% removed. Removing urine salts is the key to this process and normal cleaning chemicals will not do the job properly. Urine salts require a smaller molecule to attack and destroy them properly. We not only have the proper cleaning chemicals for the job but also a unique technique that ensures proper flushing of the area rug cleaning process. Your rugs come out of this cleaning process not only smelling good, but more vibrant “popping” of the colors as well as a soft plush feel of the oriental rug itself. We take great pride in knowing we are a rare few that can guarantee the removal of all pet odors. While the yellow stain that is left behind from the pet accident can often be permanent due to many different variables, the unwanted odor is something that we have no problem in rectifying.

You will see a difference in our rug cleaning company from the minute you call us. From the the friendly voices answering the phone to the rug cleaning technicians that are picking up the your fine area rugs, the experience with our company is truly unique.

Area rug pickup and delivery St Petersburg Fl

Thats right, we pickup and delivery your rugs. We will come to your home, do a quick inspection, leave you with some educational material about rug cleaning, then when the cleaning process has been completed we will return them to you like new. Give us a call anytime to set up a pickup and delivery for your rugs today.

When selecting a rug cleaning St Petersburg company then make sure to check if the company you are selecting has the proper certifications, that they cary the proper insurance and that they can guarantee the removal of any pet odor concerns that you may have when it comes to your oriental rug cleaning questions.

Variety of Knowledge.

There is so much information available surrounding all kinds of Area Rugs, that it can be confusing. Our professionals at The Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility are packed with a treasure chest of knowledge that we are happy to share with anybody and everybody. Here is a small variety of some Area Rug related information that may help answer some questions along the way!

Oriental floor coverings are made utilizing an assortment of tying and weaving methods. Genuine Oriental mats are hand-hitched in customary floor covering weaving nations, for example, Romania, Turkey, Armenia, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkestan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, and Mongolia. Persian floor covering cleaning is additionally a typical term. Sheep’s fleece is the most ordinarily utilized fiber for Oriental carpets. Crude natural fleece is isolated for the long white filaments, at that point washed and checked before turning and utilizing. Ancestral or town weavers do this by hand, yet present day machines are utilized to make solid and uniform yarns. The yarn is then colored in an assortment of hues utilizing either materials, for example, creepy crawlies and roots, or present day chemicals.

The fundamental establishment of every Oriental floor covering is the twist which can be cotton or fleece. Most carpet creators utilize a cotton twist to keep up even strain on the linger keeping the floor coverings straight when they are finished. Twists run the whole length of the floor covering and make up the periphery or selvage at the finishes. A weaver will tie a column of bunches onto the twist and afterward embed a thin weft took after by a thick weft cross string. The weavers pound down the wefts with a steel brush securing the bunches. At that point another column of bunches is tied. The fleece is the thick, warm layer of sheep, likewise called the wool. The hair of sheep has numerous remarkable properties that make it appropriate for material creation. This was acknowledged by people around 8000 BCE, when we initially started to tame sheep. Fleece is utilized as a part of an assortment of materials and can be observed to be woven or weaved. Fleece is a most loved with regards to material generation since it is anything but difficult to work with and retains and holds color exceptionally well. The springy filaments recall shapes when very much tended to and endures quite a while. It likewise takes to felting, which is a procedure in which the strands interlock into a tight tangle, extremely well. Felt is utilized as a protection, for expressions and artworks ventures, and for enlivening accents and in addition in decent, top of the line carpets. The vast majority utilize the expression “Oriental Carpets” when alluding to fleece mats. These sorts of floor coverings are exceptionally pleasant and ordinarily are generational. They do require a specific, fragile cleaning process that our silk carpet cleaning experts are all around prepared and experienced in. At the point when your floor covering is prepared for a cleaning, call us.

Here is some important information in regards to pesky bugs that can damage your area rug. Once you develop a bug problem, it can be difficult to solve. The damage left by bugs is not only tough to look at, it is typically permanent as well. Avoiding bug damage is an important part of owning a natural fiber area rug.

Rug Cleaning InspectionWe have had what’s coming to us of administrations including floor coverings that have some bug harm on them. More often than not that we go over bug harmed mats, they are mats that are originating from capacity. At the point when a floor covering sits away, regardless of whether it is in your carport or a capacity unit, it gives a couple distinctive kinds of bugs an open welcome to devour. The moth harm really originates from the hatchlings, not the grown-up moths. Another creepy crawly that is known for devastating mats would be the Cover Scarab. These bothersome bugs really eat the normal filaments that the carpets are made of. Once the strands have been eaten, that is it! Your mat will be obliterated and will never be it’s regular self again. The most ideal approach to battle this issue is to be deterrent. These issues regularly just happen in floor coverings that are away, your typical consistently utilized carpets more often than not don’t have these issues. In this way, ensure you store your floor coverings appropriately! My next post will be about appropriate mat stockpiling. Tune in next time for more incredible exhortation from our expert Oriental Floor covering Cleaning Orlando masters!

This data that is about legitimately putting away your floor covering, can be extremely valuable in anticipating bug invasion or different sorts of harm that can jump out at your territory mat. Wether you are moving, restoring your floors or basically need to store your common fiber, oriental carpet, there are appropriate strides to take after to help keep up the life and appearance of your adored mat. Most oriental floor coverings will keep going quite a while if appropriately nurtured and put away.

At the point when a floor covering will be away for in excess of a couple of months it ought to be cleaned, showered with bug spray, and wrapped in defensive plastic or an extreme manufactured paper. Try not to utilize daily paper or basic dark colored wrapping paper. These materials are not artificially steady and don’t give the assurance from creepy crawlies or dampness the put away floor covering needs, really, they are generally very acidic. Ensure the mat is totally dry. Mull over utilizing moth balls or pieces these materials have minimal anti-agents impact, and the came about scent to the floor covering can be hard to expel. Cedar fragrance is pointless in moth control. Store the carpet in a perfect, dry place out of the scope of squirrels or different rodents. Occasional assessment of the mat is unequivocally suggested.

Take after those capacity tips and it will keep your wonderful floor covering in as great of shape as workable for whatever length of time that conceivable. When it tells the truth your mat, try us out. Our Oriental Floor covering Cleaning experts realize what they’re doing and will be glad to play out the top notch cleaning administration that is required for normal fiber carpets.

Being a fleece floor covering cleaner comes with it’s advantages, with regards to overhauling carpets. One of these advantages is the ability of having the capacity to appropriately assess a mat preceding buy, keeping up, cleaning or moving. It might appear to be basic, however a large portion of the investigation procedure is done basically with your eyes. The main activity is give the floor covering a decent, moderate visual investigation. Search for evident indications of harm. This could be staining, draining colors, tears, splits, patches of missing heap or fraying borders. There can be a concealed danger inside a firmly woven regular fiber mat that requires somewhat more push to find. It is constantly great to verify whether the antique oriental mat is spoiled or breaking, as the exchange portrays it. You’ll need to lay the carpet all over and take a gander at the back to check whether there are any light hued patches. On the off chance that there are, these could be the principal indications of buildup, which is something you should give careful consideration to as you continue with checking the mat. Overlap the cover crosswise over first one way and, in the wake of testing it, crease it the other way. Listen deliberately as you curve the mat delicately yet immovably, grasping it in the two hands. Stop the moment you hear any part or splitting sounds. That would be the establishment strings snapping as the floor covering separates.

On the off chance that the floor covering breezes through the visual test at first glance and base of the mat, it ought to be fit as a fiddle and prepared for procurement, support or cleaning On the off chance that you are buying a carpet or were skilled a mat (perhaps a family legacy) and you don’t know what material it is made of, you can check for that also. Fiber distinguishing proof can be more troublesome on the off chance that you are not an expert who plays out these checks day by day. Most common fiber material floor covers are made of Fleece and Silk. There are some sure attributes that every one of these materials have that can help when endeavoring to decide the material. Silk ought not feel fragile, regardless of how old it is. It ought to dependably feel delicate and smooth. Fleece then again, will significantly change with age. As fleece becomes more seasoned, the lanolin in the strands starts to disseminate and in spite of the fact that a fleece carpet may look like silk, it will feel very firm and in some cases even bristly. On the off chance that you are uncertain and truly need to begin at the earliest reference point of fiber ID, you can play out a consume test.

A basic consume test can decide if your floor covering is made of normal filaments or engineered materials. To play out this test, you essentially require a lighter and a solitary fiber strand from the floor covering to be tried. While playing out this test, make sure to be cautious. It involves fire, which can cause genuine damage. Hold one end of the individual fiber and essentially consume the opposite end. On the off chance that the fiber is characteristic, it will consume simply like hair. It will consume with extreme heat, abandon some dark ash and possess an aroma similar to consumed hair. In the event that the fiber is manufactured, it will collect as consumed and it will possess a scent reminiscent of consumed plastic. The smell isn’t satisfying in any case, however consuming the wrong manufactured material can wind up dangerous. Make sure to stay safe when playing out this test!

As usual, we trust these tips will enable when you to need to investigate a carpet. Whatever the purpose behind the investigation, it regards know precisely what you ought to search for. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, you can simply contact us. Our staff is proficient on everything mats and is constantly anxious to help!

A Little Bit About Rug Padding.

Here at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility, we are staffed with professional area rug enthusiasts! Our crew consists of an office staff, in facility area rug service professionals and our on the road pickup and delivery technicians. Each of these individual members of our area rug washing facility are all educated and trained in all facets of the area rug service process. While all of our team members have a wide array of knowledge encompassing all aspects of our service processes, each individual is specially trained to excel in their particular position of our team. When you reach out to our area rug washing facility, your first point of contact will be a member of our office staff. Regardless of which team member you are speaking with, you will be interacting with an area rug professional who can help to explain our process as well as answer any questions you may have pertaining to your area rug washing service. Whether or not we have cleaned area rugs for you previously, or you are a brand new customer, you can always feel free to call to set a service appointment, or simply to ask some questions.

Our process involves pickup and delivery, a thorough pre cleaning and post cleaning inspection, a complete rug dusting, a full immersion washing and a safe, effective drying of our area rug. When any of the rugs we service have pet urine issues (which is quite often), we also have a highly effective urine extraction method that is carried out prior to beginning the actual immersion washing process. The urine extraction process virtually eliminates all urine associated odors that reside within the area rug. It is so effective in removing all urine related odors, that we actually guarantee complete odor removal. When performing area rug washing services, guarantees other than that of technicians doing their absolute best for you can not be given, as each circumstance is individual in nature and different from the rest that came before and will come after. If someone offers you a complete stain removal guarantee, it is simply a tactic to garner your business. The final results for any spot or stain treatment can be predicted, but never fully known until the rug as been serviced. Any honest rug technician or facility will tell you exactly that. I discuss the standardness involving guarantees solely to put into context the levity of our confidence in issuing a complete urine odor removal guarantee. It’s kind of a big deal! This urine removal process involves a particular bath type of treatment in which special solutions are used that can break down the bacterial and crystallized salts that dried up urine will leave behind, so that they can be easily removed. There is a pump driven flushing system used during the urine removal process which helps to ensure that every inch of the area rug is benefitting from the treatment. Not only does it completely remove all aspects of the odor causing agents left behind by bacteria, it also prevents them from reabsorbing into any other portion of the area rug. This process typically takes about half a day to complete. Once the urine extraction process has been completed, the rug then goes to the wash floor where the actual immersion washing takes place. We have plenty of information about our pet urine extraction process on our website.

While we just discussed our urine extraction process and how it is so incredibly effective, we believe that the most important parts or our entire process are the pre and post cleaning inspections. The in depth pre cleaning inspection that is carried out in our rug facility is the most important part of the process as it is the stepping stone for creating an individual treatment plan for each rug we service. This pre cleaning inspection will help us to identify things like what materials the rug is made of, how it was crafted and even where its country of origin is. Many times we can tell where a rug is from based on designs, colors and crafting methods. The pre cleaning inspection will also give us the opportunity to inspect and test for pre existing issues or issues that could arise during the cleaning process. One of the best tests that we perform is when we test for the possibility of dye transfer and or dye migration (color bleeding). This is fantastic, as it can help to prevent possible complete disaster. When cleaning an area rug (especially for the first time), the rug will be thoroughly flushed throughout. If there are added dyes or unstable dyes, they can be flushed right out of the dyes. The dyes will then either leave the rug completely, leaving colorless spots, they will bleed out into the surrounding fibers, or they can leave the fibers and reattach to some fibers located on another portion of the rug. Our initial tests help to show if any of these are a possibility. If so, then we know that there are some extra steps we need to take to ensure that there are no dye transfer or dye migration issues during the service. We actually have solutions and methods that when applied properly, can prevent the dyes from even leaving their original fibers. In the case of some unsavory post weave added dyes that can cause heavy due issues, we might even advise skipping the rug washing process all together. Instead, going with a proper dusting, vacuuming and very light fluid spot treatments. We put the quality of our service, as well as customer satisfaction right at the top of our list.

We also like to do what we can to educate our customers on all topics regarding the life of your area rugs. We mentioned some basic maintenance recommendations earlier in this post, which we hope will help to teach the importance of having proper maintenance performed regularly. We also spoke about rug dye and the issues that can come along with it. Proper treatment of a rug can keep your rug looking and feeling good form many, many years. One of the things that can help to extend the life of your rug, along with adding extra comfort, safety and protection is proper rug padding. Rug padding should be placed under each rug in your home. No matter if the rug is on concrete, tile, wood, laminate, vinyl or even carpet, proper high quality rug padding can make quite the positive impact.

Proper rug padding can help to protect your floors. As mentioned above, there are not limits to what type of flooring under your rug would warrant a proper rug pad. The rug dyes that we previously spoke about can not only transfer from the fibers they are attached to during the cleaning process, certain types of dyes can actually bleed out on their own over time. As they slowly seep out, gravity will pull the dyes down towards the flooring under your pad. That is why we said that you should even put a pad between your area rug and a carpeted floor. Proper rug pad can also help to prevent a spill from seeping through your area rug and into the floor beneath. This helps to prevent possible permanent staining on your floor.

Area rug padding can help to prevent slip and falls as well. There are some rugs that can be laid out without padding and might not slip too easily on their own. Typically the only rugs that will not slip when laid out on a hard surface floor would be high pile, large, heavy Oriental rugs or synthetic rugs that already have a backing that is meant to take place of a pad. For the most part, rugs will slip, slide and bunch up. Padding with a rubber foundation will help to prevent the potentially dangerous hazard of slipping or bunching area rugs.

Good padding can also add extra comfort in the way of cushioning. Most area rugs have lower, tighter piles. This creates a thin surface that does not provide much cushioning or comfort. Many times area rugs are laid out in popular areas where much time is spent. Often used areas within a home are typically exposed to a lot of foot traffic. The padding under the rug can add a bit of comfort to your steps and can also absorb some of the impact, taking some of that slow wear and tear away from the rug itself. You may even want to lounge about on top of your rug. If the rug is on top of a hard surface floor, then padding will be a necessity.

When purchasing rug pad, there are a few general options. The most common types of area rug padding are Felt padding, Non-slip padding and a combination Felt-Rubber padding. There are pros and cons to each different type of padding. The felt padding provides a nice and thick layer of comfort and cushioning. While it makes every rug feel better, it provides no slip or bunch protection. Another option is rubber non slip padding. This type of padding provides anti-slip assistance, but no cushioning. This padding also is typically coated with a substance that can actually stick to your rug and flooring, which will cause permanent damage. The most preferred area rug padding is the felt-rubber combo padding. This padding combines the best of both worlds. While providing the important slip and bunch resistant, it also provides the cushioning needed to extend the life of the pad while providing extra comfort. The combo padding is the only type of padding we sell and it is highly recommended no matter where you get it from.

We hope this information is helpful and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have!


Why Use A Professional?

Whether you are in need of a professional to talk to about cleaning your valuable textile or looking to purchase, we are your go to rug specialists. Though we do not sell high end textiles, we can point you in the right direction, give our friends over at a call and they can help you make a proper decision for your homes needs. In need of a proper cleaning, then give us a call anytime for a FREE estimate.

Our rug cleaning specialists are professional technicians with expert training in each aspect of the rug washing process. Whether your rug is natural or synthetic, hand woven or machine made, tufted or non tufted, our technicians have experience in the proper handling and care techniques needed to properly service your rug. The training process for our Oriental rug cleaning technicians begins with learning all of the basic rug principles. This training helps our rug technicians to be able to identify different types of rugs, where they are from and what materials they are crafted with. The first step one of our highly trained and experienced rug technicians will take in the treatment of your rug is a thorough, in facility inspection. This inspection is a critical part of the rug washing process, as it gives the technician the ability to recognize any special circumstances that may require particular treatments. It will also guide the rug technician down the proper full immersion washing path. During this very important inspection, the rug technician will be able to check for color bleeding or dye transfer issues as well. This step can be a life saver for your rug. If the dye transfer or color bleeding issues are too severe, a trained, professional rug technician might actually recommended that you do not wash this rug, you simply vacuum and dust it. While it is not ideal to skip regular washings for your high end area rugs, washing a rug with dye issues could completely ruin it. If the test only shows minor dye transfer or color bleed issues, our rug technicians can then take the proper steps to stabilize the dyes within the rug to prevent any issues during the cleaning process.

The full immersion washing process that our skilled rug technicians perform is done by hand using only hand operated equipment and safe, effective cleaning solutions. This cleaning method is meant to represent the timeless, highly effective river washing method that has been used to wash rugs for generations. When rug manufacturing and purchasing began to become an industry in the Middle East and Asia, proper maintenance of these rugs came along with the territory. Being that this industry took off prior to the technological revolution, rug owners and rug cleaners would have to rely on natural rivers to flush their rugs out thoroughly. This method is time proven to be a highly effective way to thoroughly wash natural fiber rugs. Our full immersion washing process consists of a few carefully followed steps that are carried out after the initial in depth inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the rug technician will know what special care is to be take in the treatment of the rug. This could mean lighter dusting techniques, using a dye stabilizer or a dye rinse, or what particular cleaning solution and drying method to follow.

The rug technician will begin the actual cleaning process with a thorough rug dusting. This is a process that will remove all loose contaminants residing within the rug. Next, the rug technician will begin the immersion washing process. The first step in the immersion washing process is a thorough flushing of both sides of the rug. Next the technician will apply the appropriate solutions to the rug. After a short dwell time, the technician will begin agitating the fibers on the pile of the rug. This part of the process opens the fibers up, which allows the cleaning solution and following water flush to reach deep down to the base of the rug. A proper agitation process carried out by a professional rug technician can make an incredibly significant difference in the final outcome of the rug washing process. After agitation, the rug is thoroughly flushed through both sides once more. Once the washing process is complete, it is now time to properly dry the rug. The drying process is one of the most important steps in the rug washing process. Most natural fiber rugs are woven with a very tight base of crossed Warps and Wefts that can be hand woven or machine made. There are also a number of rugs that are tufted, which means they have a glued on backing. Either way, completely drying the base of the rug can be a difficult process and can cause irreversible damage to your fine area rug. If a rug is heated too much or too rapidly, it can shrink or warp the base fibers of the rug. In extreme circumstances, it can ignite the pile fibers or the base fibers. If it is not fully dried in a timely manner, you could experience mold growth or bug infestation. Both of which can be death sentences for your area rug. Mold can lead to rot which will cause the base of your rug to slowly disintegrate. There are many types of small bugs that love the dark, moist atmosphere  that an improperly, not fully dried rug creates at its base. Not only is it a bit unsettling to have bugs living and reproducing within your nice area rug that is laid out in your home, you also have to worry about bugs who eat wool or silk causing permanent, noticeable damage to your area rug. This is why it is so important to properly dry an area rug. Our drying process involves a safe, rapid extraction of over ninety percent of the residual water left within the rug. Then the rug is safely placed on an area rug specific drying rack. Our racks are custom designed and built to safely hang an area rug while it completes its drying process. Incorrectly hanging an area rug, or hanging an area rug while it retains too much water can cause permanent damage. The water weight can stretch the warps and wefts, which will misshape the area rug and hanging on too small of a rack can cause creasing in the area rug. Leaving the washing to the pros is the best way to ensure your area rug is safely and effectively treated.

The years of experience, training and education that our rug technicians have accomplished has helped them to hone their craft into what some would call an art. The basis of this art is knowledge. The more our rug technicians know about every topic encompassing area rugs, the better suited they are to provide an impeccable service! Training for our area rug technicians includes a variety of topics that are covered thoroughly. Topics ranging from the origins and history of rug crafting and usage, crafting techniques and materials used, all the way down to the intricacies involved in the washing process are covered during an area rug technician’s in depth training process. When you speak to one of our area rug technicians, you are speaking to a true professional who knows and appreciates his craft to the fullest. Our trained area rug technicians are always open to speak with customers and help to answer any questions thrown their way. If you need help with identifying where your rug is from, or what it is made of, or even how old it is, do not hesitate to ask and our rug technicians will help to the best of their ability. Our rug technicians are also prepared for any possible issues that may arise during a service. While the testing process is thorough and proven, there can still be an issue that arises during the washing process that would need immediate proper attention to neutralize. A simple example would be rogue dye migration or color bleeding. During the meticulous pre cleaning inspection, our area rug technicians test for possible dye migration or color bleeding issues on multiple spots across the surface of the area rug. While this testing is thorough and accurate, it is not possible to test every single individual fiber. The test is carried out in different sections of the rug that could possibly have these dye issues. Once the area rug is on the wash floor and the water begins to flush through it, there can be small patches of fibers that may have been re-dyed in the past, or may have been subjected to alternate dyes during the crafting process, that could begin to transfer or bleed. Unfortunately, this can happen and when it does happen, it needs to be properly treated immediately. The proper treatment applied quickly enough can save the rug from having permanent dye issues. Our trained area rug technicians are familiar with these issues and are ready to pounce at the first sign of danger. We have the proper products on hand and our area rug technicians are well versed in the proper treatment methods to stop this issue before it becomes a permanent problem. Yet another reason to go with the pros!

We hope that some of this information is helpful in your understanding of our processes and procedures used in the treatment of your fine area rug. Most people purchase their high end area rugs as investments that they would like to have for a long time. If cared for properly, a high end Oriental area rug can last for generations. So, if you care for your rug and would like to see it last a lifetime, make sure you have it cleaned regularly and properly by trained, professional area rug technicians!

Some Rug Cleaning Info!

When it comes time to have your high end area rug cleaned, you may already have a go to cleaner, or you may be looking for a cleaner for the first time. It is very important to make sure you find the right company to service your high end area rug. One of the best ways to find yourself a high quality oriental rug cleaning company is to do an online search. Simply conducting an online search may sound a bit obvious, but the trick is to look for a company with an abundance of reviews, then read through reviews. Online reviews are essentially the new age digital word of mouth. A company with terrible reviews may throw up the red flags necessary to help you avoid a possible disaster of a service. On the other side of the coin, a company with a large amount of positive reviews should typically indicate that you would enjoy a great service experience. Our Oriental Rug Cleaning company is highly rated online with numerous five star reviews across a multitude of platforms. We are proud to provide a fantastic service and a great customer experience that many of our customers have found good enough to share about online. If a customer calls us and is looking for a service we do not provide or is out of our service area, we always recommend to them to search online and try to find a highly reviewed and rated company to use, as it typically reflects the type of service you will receive. Platforms like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google and even FaceBook can help you find the right company for you, backed by customer reviews.

As you take your time to research different companies in an effort to find the right one for you and your needs, there are some things you can ask about and take into consideration. Just as you are going to want to find a company that is highly rated and well received online, you will also want to make sure that company knows what they are doing, uses proper equipment, procedures and solutions, and performs the service themselves, as opposed to outsourcing the rug washing service. The most thorough, effective and safe washing process for high end area rugs is the full immersion washing process. The process in its entirety consists of a thorough inspection, a complete rug dusting, a flushing and agitation on the wash floor and a complete cool air drying process. Now, these steps can be completed one of two ways. There are large machines that can carry out these tasks, or actual rug technicians using specialty hand tools can perform the services.

Being that the first step is an inspection, that part is typically carried out the same way. The inspection is performed by a master rug technician who can search for preexisting conditions within the rug, for possible issues that could arise during the washing process (dye transfer, color bleeding, fringe damage, foundation issues), as well as the actual make of the rug (fibers used and crafting process.) These all help to guarantee the safest and most effective service is performed on your rug.

After the inspection, the rug is then dusted. This process can be carried out by a machine or a rug technician using a special tool. The area rug dusting process is basically a procedure that lightly beats the back side of the rug in an effort to knock loose any dirt, dust, hair or other loose contaminants that have collected into the surface pile of the area rug. This step is incredibly more effective than any vacuuming service that could be performed. When the area rug dusting is performed my a machine, the rug is simply loaded into a large machine that tumbles the rug. As the rug tumbles through the machine, it is lightly beaten. As the loose contaminants in the rug are knocked out, there is a vacuum and a filter within the machine to collect all that has been knocked out of the area rug. At our facility, each area rug is dusted using a specialty tool that is hand operated by one of our rug technicians. Our hand dusting process involves the area rug being laid out upside down on a custom built grated flooring, where the rug technician will use the special hand operated tool to lightly beat the back of the rug, effectively knocking out a large amount of loose contaminants from the rug.

Area Rug WashingOnce the dusting is completed, the customer grated flooring is rolled up and the mess left behind is cleaned up. This process can produce multiple pounds of dust, dirt, dander and hair from within the surface pile of a single rug. When the urine extraction pre treatment is not required, then next step would be the actual washing of the rug. Again, this process can be carried out by a large machine or by a rug technician using specialty tools and proper solutions. When a machine is used, there are typically two different types of machine washing processes that are performed. One is essentially a bath in where the rug is loaded into a tub where a washing gently cycles the rug around for a certain period of time. The cycling of the rug is meant to agitate the fibers. The other machine method is where the area rug is fed into the machine in an assembly line fashion. The machine will use a combination of jets and rotating brushes to clean and agitate the fibers. This machine method is typically more effective that the latter. Our washing process is the more intimate hand washing process carried out by one or two (depending on the size of the area rug) of our area rug technicians. This process involves laying the rug out on a special wash floor and beginning to flush both sides of the area rug with cool water using a high flow pump and hose system. After the initial flushing, the technician will apply the proper solutions required to treat each area rug specifically. The pile on the surface and the fibers on the back (non tufted rugs only) will then be agitated using a hand operated orbital tool with specialty brushes attached. Once the agitation process is completed, the rug is then flushed on both sides and checked to ensure all of the cleaning solutions have been completely rinsed out.

After the washing process has been completed, it is time to dry the rug. This step is very important as improper drying of a natural fiber rug can cause permanent, irreversible damage. The drying process is typically performed in similar fashion from one area rug cleaner to the next. There will be a “flash extraction” process that is performed to remove a large majority of the water in the rug. This is usually performed by a machine that spins the rug at very high speeds, using the centrifugal force to pull most of the water out of the rug. The other method involves using a suction tool that pulls most of the water in the rug out by sucking it through the middle of the rug while it is rolled tightly around the specialty tool. Once most of the water has been extracted, the area rug will then be placed on a drying rack that will use cool air movers to help dry the rug in a safe and efficient manner. All water and drying air movers should use cool water and cool air. Hot water and heated air can cause damage to a natural fiber rug. If a natural fiber rug is not dried completely and in a timely manner, permanent irreversible damage can occur at the base of the area rug.

When you are searching for a company to service you high end natural fiber oriental rug, or your standard in home synthetic rug, search for a company that knows what it is doing. Remember to search for a company with an abundance of positive online reviews. When you call, you should feel comfortable asking questions. Any professional rug washing company will appreciate the questions as it will show that you care about your rug and it will give them an opportunity to explain their process directly to you. If you are greeted rudely, or with resistance to your questioning, that should be another red flag for you. Make sure that the company answers your questions thoroughly. Make sure that the person you are directly interacting with is patient and helpful. Mostly, make sure that you feel comfortable with the company you are having service your area rug. Searching for a service company can be frustrating and intimidating as it can be difficult to tell if you are selecting the right company for the job. So, remember that you should feel comfortable and fully helped by the company you chose, no matter who that company is! Having your area rugs serviced regularly, properly and by true professionals will help to ensure a long and healthy life for your beautiful in home area rug.

Urine Odor in Area Rugs

When we begin our Oriental Rug cleaning process, we complete a couple of different inspections to check for a variety of things. We check to verify the actual fiber type of the rug. We complete a dye migration test to determine if the rug is at risk of bleeding. We inspect the rug for any abnormalities. But the main problem we come across during our inspection is urine. Dog, cat  as well as other urine accidents that may be present in your rug. That last inspection may sound like the least important test we run, but it is not as simple as it may sound. Our rug cleaning experts are well versed in how to complete all of the tests, so the pet urine odor in rug testing procedure is a bit more detailed than you would think. The actual cleaning process can take days, depending on the severity of the contamination. Heavily soiled rugs will need to soak in a cleaning solution from as little as 2 hours up to 24+ hours depending on the severity of the contamination. We have the equipment to allow constant flushing of the rug, as it needs to be flushed completely not just surfaced cleaned. Without the complete submersion cleaning process that we provide , there is no way to completely rectify this odor causing contaminants. This is why we can offer 100% guaranteed odor removal for you oriental rugs.

Pet urine and odor removalWhen we do identify pet odors or urine in your fine textiles, there are a couple different routes we can take, these steps are determined by the level of urine contamination. If the urine content is light or concentrated into one spot, we typically can proceed with our typical cleaning process after a couple hours of cleaning solution saturation in that area. The delicate cleaning and flushing process will usually take care of any light urine natural fiber rug. But, if the rug is heavily saturated with urine, it will need to go through a different process to remove the urine salts from the rug before we can even begin the regular cleaning process. The pre cleaning rug inspection that we complete will determine the level of saturation. Sometimes the naked eye or nose can be deceiving. The pre cleaning urine soak process is very similar to how it sounds. We soak the rug in a specialized solution that is diluted with water, we then put the rug in our rug marinator, this keeps the water constantly moving over, under and through the rug to help flush the urine out prior to beginning the actual rug cleaning process. The main objective is to attack the urine salts, these are the source of the odor. Just surface cleaning will do nothing for the urine salts that subside in the middle and lower areas of the rug fibers. Special cleaning solutions are required to attack the urine salts and destroy them, without the proper cleaning process and cleaning solutions there is no way to get complete odor out of natural fibers especially wool. After the urine decontamination cleaning solutions have been rinsed away, we then inspect the rug one final time before the actual Tampa rug cleaning process starts. We use another specific cleaning solution meant to help rugs that where contaminated with urine. This not only helps with the cleaning of the rug but also with any other unwanted odors from animals. We take great pride in being able to offer 100% pet urine odor removal for oriental rugs.

If you have any questions about your oriental rug, or are concerned about the amount of urine that is in your area rug, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can let you know exactly what to expect from our cleaning process and your specific rugs circumstance.

Hey Tampa Rug Cleaning Clients

We want to say thanks to the Tampa Florida oriental rug owners for choosing our company. We have provided high end oriental rug cleaning services for many years in the central Florida area and now have an office in the Tampa area as well. We have been servicing Tampa for a few years now, but finally have our own facility in the area. If you are located in the Tampa or surrounding area and looking for proper handling and treatment of your oriental rugs, give our company a call today.

No matter the size, age or origin we can handle all sorts of oriental rugs. Pet odor problem? Thats NO problem for us, we guarantee 100% odor removal on all rugs.

Our company prides itself in providing a high quality rug washing service as well as a top notch customer service experience! We started as a small family owned and operated business that is built on a foundation of providing a quality service that we genuinely care about and keeping an open line of communication with each and every customer.

We believe communication is an intricate part of success in all aspects of life. When speaking with our customers we like to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you are price shopping, scheduling an appointment or calling for a service we do not provide, we like to help in any way we can. We welcome any and all questions our customers may have as it helps to educate you on our processes and procedures. Even though our company continues to grow, we stick to our roots of being a company people enjoy doing business with. The best part is we offer FREE pickup in the Tampa area. If you live outside of Tampa we may still offer FREE pickup for you as well, give us a call anytime so we can let you know about our FREE services.