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Know Your Stuff!

Our rug washing Tampa company provides a high quality, full immersion cleaning of a wide variety of types of area rugs within our facility. This particular type of cleaning process is safe and highly effective for treating just about all types of area rugs. The rugs that we put in our homes, on our walls or even outdoors are all made particular ways using particular materials that should be addressed and maintained properly. Proper maintenance performed in home as well as in a facility, by professionals will make all the difference in the life and look of your rugs. In home, it is up to the area rug owner to use and maintain the rug properly. Area rugs that are machine made using synthetic materials typically have a backing on them that makes them easy to place in or outdoors. The synthetic materials used are typically quite durable, which makes synthetic area rugs ideal for being placed in locations where the rug would be used regularly. These types of area rugs can withstand constant usage as well as regular maintenance. Most synthetic area rugs are purposely placed in high traffic areas, as they are a less expensive way to provide a nice look while being able to hold up to the constant usage. Natural fiber area rugs are a bit of a different story, due to the natural fibers used to craft the rug. Natural fiber area rugs are typically considered higher end rugs that are quite a bit more expensive than synthetic area rugs. While natural fiber rugs can be machine made and mass produced these days, most area rug lovers opt for a custom made, hand woven natural fiber area rug. While synthetic area rugs are typically purchased for cost, aesthetics and durability, most natural fiber area rugs are purchased essentially as fine works of art by true rug lovers.

The basic information on the two different general types of area rugs helps to point consumers in the right direction when they are considering purchasing an area rug. Sometimes, area rugs are gifted or inherited, which can put someone in a position of confusion. Most consumers are just purchasing or maintaining an area rug with no knowledge or concern about what it is they have or how to treat it. Knowing the difference in types of rug fibers and crafting methods will help any rug owner to purchase, use and care for the right rug for their needs. We did mention previously that proper maintenance can go a long way in maintaining the life and look of your area rug, regardless of the fiber type or construction method, proper maintenance is very important. The most common and effective form of in home maintenance is regular vacuuming. Depending on the level of use your rug is subjected to, you may need to vacuum anywhere from once a week to every day of the week. Vacuuming regularly helps to remove any loose debris and prevents dirt, dust or hair from compounding into the fibers of the rug or even the base of the rug. Another critically important step in properly maintaining your in home area rug is rapid response to any spills or messes that may occur. Any mess that happens on your area rug can quickly become permanent damage if it is not attended to quickly. There are some unfortunate types of messed that almost instantly become permanent. However, most of the time, if you clean quickly, most messes can be resolved and not leave permanent damage. When tending to a mess, always remember to follow a few particular steps. Step one is to delicately remove anything that can be picked up and tossed. If the mess is food or animal waste, most of it can be quickly picked up and disposed of. After initial removal, you would want to clean the remaining mess using a safe solution of water, dish soap and white vinegar. Mix evenly in a bowl and apply directly to the mess, then dab and blot as much of the mess away as you can. After you have treated the mess, contact us and set up a professional Tampa rug cleaning service.

The professional area rug cleaning service we provide is a full immersion cleaning in our facility. This highly effective, safe method of rug washing is recommended to be carried out every one to three years, based on usage. Most customers who use their rugs regularly should have professional cleanings performed annually. Rugs not subjected to foot traffic or are used as wall decorations can be cleaned every 2-3 years, as long as they are located in adequate locations (low humidity, dust or sunlight). The full immersion washing process is meant to replicate the river washing process that has been performed for many generations in areas where rug crafting was prominent. The process of river washing is pretty much exactly how it sounds. The natural current of the river would help to flush the debris out of the rig without damaging it. Our process is similar, but modern. Your rug is inspected before and after each step of the washing process. The first step is the Dusting procedure, in which the rug is placed, upside down on a custom floor where it is lightly beaten on the back to knock all debris out. Next, the rug is flushed and agitated. This is the step of the process that mostly imitates the river wash. After the wash is complete, the water is flash extracted safely using a top of the line centrifuge machine. This machine uses centrifugal force to pull just about all the water out of the rug in a quick and safe manner. After that, the rug is hung or laid out (depending on the type of rug) to complete the drying process.

The professional full immersion rug washing process is a time proven method of cleaning that will absolutely help you to get the most life out of your rug. While it is very important to keep up with regular in home maintenance, as well as properly cleaning up any mess or accident that might occur is incredibly important, having professional cleanings performed in a facility is essential. When the time comes, reach out to us and we would be more than happy to help!

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