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Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

If you are in search of a oriental rug cleaning company in the Tampa area, then all you need to do is search the term oriental rug cleaning near me The information in this post will contain information on different styles used to craft the types of rugs that you may have come across searching for a rug to purchase or you may currently own and have cleaned one day. If you are looking for professional rug cleaning Tampa then this information will be perfect for you if you. We enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and know how with anyone, anytime. Each rug technician in our company is trained on a variety of area rug cleaning techniques. Whether the employee works in the office, or washes rugs in our facility, they are all knowledgeable when referencing rugs. Not to much surprise, there are many types, origins and ways rugs can be crafted. This is something our staff takes pride in, the knowledge on all different assortments of oriental rugs.

The most sought after type of rug is hand woven. This popular way to craft a rug is to weave the materials to be used into a rug. These types of rugs would be called woven rugs. Woven rugs are very easily the most common type of rug that we clean. A woven rug is made by passing one strand of loose material horizontally through a tightened configuration of vertical strands of another material. The loose material is woven over and under each strand of the tightly strung material. The foundation of the rug has two main names, warps and wefts. This loose material is known as the Wefts. The tighter strands of material that are held in place are known as the Warps. Woven rugs can be handmade or machine made. Handmade, woven rugs are typically much most costly, but tend to be lighter, thinner and more of the high end look and feel. These rugs can date back generations. We have cleaned many rugs over 100 years old.

Tampa rug cleaningThere are other forms of rug creation. What we sill talk about now is called Prodding. This method typically uses a tough, durable material as the “pile” of the rug. The pile material is prodded into a tough backing. Burlap is most commonly used as the backing, although there are variety of materials that can be used to form the pile. These rugs are usually used near an entry or exit way as the long, prodded fibers can conceal dirt well. This is great for wiping of shoes before you come into the home. There is another method used to craft a rug which is somewhat similar to the prodding technique, we call this rug hooking. It is similar to prodding in the sense that these rugs will typically also use burlap or linen as the backing and the pile material is poked or prodded through using a crochet type hook with a handle. A big difference between these two methods of rug production is that “rug hooking” is often used to make decorative rugs. If you have ever seen a detailed, intricate rug mounted on a wall, you may well be looking at a rug that was created by rug hooking. Another type of rug that will not often be found at your rug cleaning facility. There are, of course, other methods used for crafting all sorts of rugs. Hand made, machine woven, tufted, shag, short pile, no matter the type of rug, there is an interesting story behind the manner in which it was fashioned!

If you have a question of the origin or the way your rug was crafted don’t hesitate to give our rug cleaning company a call and we will do the best we can to education you on your fine textile. We enjoy being able to not only clean your high end oriental rugs, but understand where and how they were made. Give us a call today 813-344-5112

Oriental Rug Cleaning St Petersburg


Area Rug Cleaning St Petersburg Fl

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Our Oriental rug cleaning Saint Petersburg Fl team services all throughout the St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa area. With hundreds of 5-Star Reviews and a decade in the area rug cleaning industry, we are your go to Rug Cleaners!

area rug cleaning st petersburg flProper Area Rug Cleaning St Petersburg Maintenance 

Any area rug that is not properly maintained can collect and compound all kind of debris, including dirt, dust, hair and even bacteria and virus particles. Unfortunately, those contaminants can trigger an array of allergies in children and adults. This is why it is so very important for area rugs owners to hire a professional rug cleaning company in St Petersburg. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for each and every one of our customers. Not only do we put great emphasis on the customer experience, our professional rug technicians use a combination of the best equipment and solutions, along with the proper procedures and methods to provide the best cleaning service possible for your rug. Our pet odor pretreatment can even guarantee a 100% Pet Odor Removal Guarantee! That is right, no matter how your pet has treated you fine area rug, we can completely remove any associated odor!

Your Local St Petersburg Area Rug Cleaning Experts

Area rugs serve a multitude of purposes in any home. They can be functional, or they can simply be decorative. Regardless, in most cases, the rug is the focal point of the room, and that is what can make the rug so important and impactful to the owner.

Area rugs are mostly used in high traffic areas such as the center of a living room or a bedroom. However, the more traffic a rug is subjected to the faster it will become dirty, and the more often it will have to be cleaned. While most people may diligently vacuum and sweep their area rugs, that is not always enough. An annual, professional rug cleaning service is the only way to help your rug last as long as it possibly can.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning St Petersburg team provides a professional service that will achieve the best results possible for your rug. We use the most effective method based on the size, type, and physical state of the area rug. Our service is the safest and most effective method for treating virtually all types of area rugs!

Did You Know?

Saint Petersburg is one of the most populous cities in Florida. Our Area Rug Cleaning Saint Petersburg  is not that old, but we have been around for a while. St Petersburg Fl was incorporated as a town on February 29, 1892 and re-corporate as a city on June 6, 1903.  The City is often referred to St. Pete for short which is its neighboring beach St. Pete Beach.  It is known to be very sunny, which is why they call it the Sunshine State, with an average of 361 sunny days per year.

Since the new millennium, St. Petersburg has become one of the top destinations for the arts – with the dynamic new Dali Museum opening in 2011, the Dale Chihuly world renowned glass collection, and six art districts.

The city’ pyramid style Pier, which saw its last complete renovation in the late 1980’s and thrived for almost 25 more years before the badly deteriorating facility was closed in 2013 and demolished starting in 2015. The city is amid a public process to replace the iconic waterfront landmark.

As St. Petersburg enters its second golden age, and steps boldly into the 21st century, the downtown core continues its revitalization with projects that include retail shops, restaurants, and movie theaters. More than 900 events bring over 10 million people each year to the sunshine city to experience triathlons, yacht races, baseball, basketball, cycling, yoga in the park, festivals, cultural exhibits, and music. The city attracts all kinds of tourists with its cultural district that includes many museums in the downtown area. A state university, 10 marine institutes and dozens of galleries, and the All Children’s Research Center attest to the city’s commitment to education and health care. Historic neighborhoods continue to be restored, as residents invest in their communities with a great source of pride.

St Petersburg Area Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery

Did you know we provide area rug cleaning pickup and drop off in your area? We also provide the best customer experience possible! Each member of our staff, whether administrative or technical, is helpful, friendly and eager to help each and every one of our customers. We know that the key to our success does not only lie in our quality cleaning service, but with the satisfactory and memorable service experience we provide for each of our customers. Our abundance of reviewers that have shared their experiences with our company has mentioned our technicians in their reviews by name, many times! From the moment you contact our office until the moment your service is complete, you will enjoy your experience with our company!

Feel free to reach out to our office at 813-344-5112, email us at or click on our live chat option and we can answer any questions you may have! Our office staff, as well as our technicians, are friendly and ready to help to the best of their ability. We do our best to create a comfortable and memorable experience for each one of our customers. We have over one thousand, five-star reviews online that help to attest to our commitment to customer satisfaction! Call us today and let us help with your rug inquiries!

Area Rug Fading

Your oriental rugs are unique, beautiful and can last a lifetime but one thing they are not, is cheap. If you are an owner of an expensive textile, it is advisable to put a few safety measures in place. Measures that will help extend the life of your rug and keep rug fading to a minimum. Thats what will be discusses in this blog, how to precent your rug from damaging sun fade. Using some of these precautions and safety measures, you can protect your rug for years to come from possible sun fading.

The first thing to keep in mind is that ultraviolet light is the main contributing factor. The majority of the light spectrum can’t really damage your rug. So limit the rug’s exposure to UV. There are a few things you can do which will make a difference. For example, if you have sunlight coming into the room at certain angles, only the few sections of the rug that get exposed to the sunlight will get faded, resulting in a rug that looks inconsistent with some faded patches and some bright patches. When you rotate the rug, it gets evenly exposed so that the area rug fading is gradual and unnoticeable.

After many years of cleaning rug, we have come to think that sunlight may be a rug’s principal nemesis—even to be feared more than moth damage. Sunlight streaming through a window directly onto a rug is virtually guaranteed to harm it, whether morning or afternoon, southern or western sunlight. Naturally dyed rugs and synthetically dyed rugs suffer equally. Colors fade unevenly and wool and cotton dry out and become brittle.

Most damage is caused by light shining through a window, of course, but often rugs fade from sunlight streaming through a skylight. Sometimes people have no idea what’s happening because it happens over an extended period of time and comes from a place that is not thought to be a problem. Make sure to protect your fine textiles from UV light that may be emitting from a skylight, cover that skylight with a protective film. A special word of caution: don’t forget that if the sun is not coming directly through your window now, it may do so at a different time of the year when, for instance, the sun is lower in the southern sky.

Make sure to keep the curtains closed or a window film professionally applied (window tints can be applied to your windows which filter out harmful ultraviolet light This is the most effective and also the easiest thing you can do to keep your rug looking good longer. Rotating the rug frequently helps prevents extended exposure to the same harmful elements.

If your rug has already been damaged from sun fad, there is still hope that it can be improved. If the fading is merely on the very tips of the pile (and you can determine that by looking closely at it), then washing the rug professionally may help the problem by simply abrading the faded tips of the wool. More severe rug fading can sometimes be improved by professional clipping of the entire pile.

It can be very frustrating to one day notice you valuable oriental rug has begun to fad, however, it is inevitable that a carpet will start to fade once you put it in a place where it is going to be receiving natural light. Sunlight can lead to slow fading of the color of a carpet over time. It is not the only thing that can cause a carpet to fade, but it is the primary cause. Yet, there are certain things that you can do to minimize this occurrence.

The main thing to do to prevent the fading of your carpet is to limit sunlight exposure. The best bet is to purchase ultraviolet light blocking window treatments, which can help to prevent fading without you having to close your blinds in the daytime. Your local carpet store may have a fluorocarbon protector, which can help in this regard. These protectors will need to be reapplied from time to time, which you should keep in mind if you get one. If you have area rugs in some of the rooms of your house, what you can do is just pull your rug away from the windows so that the light does not shine directly on it.

Here are some cleaning tips you can use to your advantage:

1,The first thing you should do in this process is vacuum your carpet to take away any excess dirt.

2. Then, mix equal parts of hot water and salt in a bowl, and stir the mixture until the salt completely dissolves. Using a damp cloth, apply this mixture to your carpet, and cover your carpet with a light layer of it.

3. Let your carpet dry naturally, and then vacuum up the salt. This should actually restore some of your carpet’s color.

Fast reacting is a key component to help with sun fade, reacting immediately and allow as little time as possible to lapse. If you spill something, what you should do first is blot out the stain using a newspaper or paper towels. Rinse out the remaining parts of the stain with cool water, and then blot the liquid with towels. Also be sure to clean your carpet with a carpet cleaning product or a wet vac. Make sure to test the product on your carpet before something like this happens to make sure that it will not cause staining itself. You can also consider calling a professional carpet cleaner.

It is very likely that you do not want your carpet to fade. As such, the moment that you notice fading you should take action right away. There are many things you can do to prevent and alleviate the problem to keep your carpet looking its best.

If you are in need of sun fad correction or just a good cleaning of your area rug, then Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility can be your go to location for all types of diagnoses of your area rugs. Give us a call today for a free quote of your fine textile. We also have a 100% pet odor removal guarantee, so if you are dealing with a urine problem with your rug, no need to stress, we have the knowledge and techniques to extract those urine salts properly to have a freshly smelling rug again. Call today 813-344-5112

Pet Urine In Your Area Rug

We love our pets, they can be sweet, adorable, and cuddly and yet they tend to have accidents and urine on our nice area rugs.  There are three typical components we tend to see due to pet urine damage: staining, color bleeding and smell.

Let’s cover the odor issue first as that is one of the largest problems we deal with every day with your rug cleaning Tampa.  There are several factors that come into play when determine how strong urine in your area rug smells. The construction of the carpet, fiber type, density (synthetic or natural-wool, cotton, jute) and the diet of the pet, all of this relates to how much salt crystals hang into the rug.

Many people don’t realize that the residue that is left behind from urine are salt crystals, when the moisture evaporates the crystals are left behind. Those salt crystals react with moisture in the air and area rug that then produce a gas and that is what we smell, is the gas coming off of the salt crystals.

You may notice if you have urine spots in your area rug cleaning that at certain times of the year are stronger. Most homes have less humidity in the air in during the winter with the heat cranked on, low humidity and cool dry air outside. In spring and early summer our heating systems in the home are used much less, air conditioners are on, doors and windows are left open to let in fresh air. The fresh air has moisture or humidity, which causes the odor to be stronger.

If you don’t take action with the removal of the salt crystals urine spots can give off odors for many years. This isn’t something you can easily just air out like a musty piece of clothing from your closet, by hanging outside in time the air will remove the odor, urine salt crystals need to be removed out of the fiber.

There are many products available on store shelves that claim they will remove pet urine odor from you area rug cleaning Tampa, FL but most all are cover ups or perfumes like; Febreze, Natures Miracle and Clorox pet odor removers, to name a few. These deodorizers cover the offending urine orders by putting an even stronger scent on top, this is a very temporary solution and most of the time does not mask the urine smell whatsoever.

The most effective method for urine removal is to be able to clean out the urine and remove the urine salts entirely. We normally see urine stains in lighter colors; white, beige and light colors. Urine has the ability to pull tannins or a darker color dye out of natural fibers such as cotton, wool or jute.You will often see where a pet has had an accident leaving a light brown ring with the appearance that someone has spilled a cup of coffee in the area. You want to act fast and try and soak up as much urine as you can before it sets in.  You can dab a cloth in water and apply pressure until the stain is removed and or dried up.  You will then want to immediately call Area Rug Cleaning Tampa.

The goal is not leave anything in the rug to cover up the urine smell, leaving the carpet fibers very clean and fresh smelling with no added chemicals or perfumes.

Once you notice the first urine stain you’ll want to rinse the area thoroughly with clear water. Use a wet/dry vacuum with the wet filter installed to extract the moisture from that area, repeat the process two or three times. Put a fan on the area and be sure to protect the floor underneath. You can do this by putting a towel or cloth underneath while it dries; regardless of whether it is carpet or a hard-surface, moisture from the rug can cause damage to the floor.

Sometimes the urine issue can pop out without even knowing it. For example; an area rug that does not show staining, yet after time with continuous wetting, it will still present itself all of the sudden with a strong odor. Perhaps it is a room that is not visited very often, only to notice one day that there are stains taking over one corner of the rug.

Whatever the situation or problem a majority of the time a solution can be remedied based on options given and a decision based on the rug owner to meet their expectations of results and costs.

Pet urine stains are amongst the most difficult stains to remove from your rug cleaning near me. While the stain itself is typically easy to remove, there are many variables when it comes to the removal of the odor. From the changing PH levels as the urine dries, to the fiber type and construction of the rug, these different variables play a huge part in the removal of the urine stain. Many times, the stain can cause permanent damage.

Your best option in these type of situations is to call a qualified professional to take your rug for a full submersion cleaning. The longer you wait, you may become nose blind to certain odors in your rug and your home because you’re around them so often. But once you’re in another environment, it’s almost like those smells double in intensity. Well, bottom line is, we don’t want anyone thinking this way about your rug and home, so let’s discuss the best ways to remove these different kinds of pet odors.  Call Oriental Rug Cleaning Tampa today at 813-344-5112 or you can click on the live chat option on our website and we will be here to answer any questions you may have or book your next area rug cleaning near me.

DIY Area Rug Urine Treatment


Pet Odor Removal TampaHere at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility, we clean a wide variety of rug types and address a never-ending list of specific concerns. While many rugs come in as just being purchased or handed down, have had a flood accident or food spill, or are just in for their regular maintenance cleanings, a large portion of the rugs we wash come into our facility with the same particular concern. That concern that affects so many fine area rugs is Pet Urine! Our facility cleans many, many rugs on an every day basis. Of all the rugs we service, just about half of them have pet urine issues. There are so many of them, we have a special area where they are stored until they are cleaned. Many think that pets are so attracted to urinating on the rug because it reminds them of the outdoors. The soft fibers beneath their feet can have a bit of a similar feel to the grass outside. Whatever it is that causes our beloved pets to choose our in home area rugs as their destination for “relief”, we may never fully know. What we do know, however, is that this is one heck of an annoyance! When your pet does urinate on your area rug, you will immediately pickup the pungent odor that comes along with the urine. That odor will lead you to the spot itself where if you are lucky, it is not too big. Another bit of luck that could go your way is if you find the urine as soon as possible, after it happened. Unfortunately, you are going to have to clean the mess of urine up. But, if you get to it quickly enough and clean it up well, you might help to prevent a never ending reminder of the accident in the form of a yellow urine stain. This incredibly common issue that most rug owners who also have in home pets face can be frustrating, as well as detrimental for your nice in home rug. We wanted to provide a bit of information about this all too common area rug issue with hopes that when you come across a pet urine spot on your oriental rug, you will have the proper information on hand so that you can treat it promptly and properly.

When you discover the unwelcome urine spot on your in home area rug, you will want to act very quickly. As mentioned earlier, if you find the urine spot just after it happened, you will have the best chance at cleaning most of it up and preventing permanent damage to the fibers, in the form of a stain. Urine can often begin to damage the fibers in your rug almost immediately. If you were able to clean the urine up quickly enough and avoid permanent staining, you would have cleared a huge hurdle. Even with a highly effective professional cleaning service, the staining caused by urine may not be able to be completely removed. Time is always of the most importance when cleaning up a urine mess! To treat your freshly discovered present left by your pet (urine spot) yourself, you only need some basic household items. A few clean cloths, a bowl, cool water, distilled white vinegar and some dish soap is all you need for a safe and effective in home treatment before calling the professionals.

The first thing you will want to do is fill your bowl about half way with some room temperature water. Next, you can mix a cup or so of distilled white vinegar. It can be about a fifty fifty mix of water and vinegar. The vinegar does most of the work, but you want to make sure it is well diluted so that it is not too harsh on the rug fibers. The last step to making your homemade solution is to add a little bit of dish soap. You can mix everything evenly using your finger or a spoon. Now that you have your mixture complete, you will want to use it to treat the urine affected area. Lightly pour the solution over the urine spot on your area rug and let it dwell for a few minutes. After being left to dwell for a bit, you can begin to dab the solution back up. You may need to repeat this step once more to achieve the best results with your in home spot treatment. Once you feel as though you have removed as much of the urine from your rug as possible with this step, you will want to repeat this process a few times using room temperature water, with no additives. Just using some water will help to dilute the homemade solution that remains in the fibers of your rug and remove the last remnants. After it seems that you have removed as much urine, as well as the solution, as possible, you can then go about dabbing and blotting the remaining moisture up until it is as dry as it can get.

Once you complete the in home urine extraction treatment, call a professional immediately! Reach out to us and set yourself up with a professional extraction and cleaning service. While your quick, in-home treatment is great for attaining the most ideal results, it is only a light treatment that helps the surface of the fibers. When you call us for a proper, thorough treatment, we will send rug technicians to your home to pick your rug up and bring it back to our facility. Your rug will go through our normal full immersion wash service, however, we will first perform our full submersion urine odor extraction treatment. This treatment places your entire rug in a special bath where the rug is fully submersed. While in this bath, the rug will have a mixture of water and a special urine and odor neutralizing solution flushed throughout it. It is this process of constant flushing that makes this treatment so effective. The special solutions we use work their magic in breaking down the salts and crystals left behind by the urine, then the flushing process forces them from within the weaves of your rug. This process takes hours and once complete, your rug will then be placed on our custom wash floor where the full immersion wash will take place. This urine removal treatment is so effective, that complete odor removal is GUARANTEED! Give our office a call today at 813-344-5112 or check out some information on our website for more information!

Is That Real Silk Or Imitation Silk?

When it comes to area rugs, there is actually a lot involved in how they are made, the materials used and how they are properly maintained. For professionals in the industry, these rug topics are all things that we are very familiar with and well versed in. As a company, we are always here to help with any of your questions. We actually encourage customer inquiries. It is our belief that an informed customer is a happy customer! As a rug owner, you may want to know a bit about the rug you own. Our first bit of advice is always to check for a tag on the back of the rug. The tag will typically provide plenty of information about your rug. The tag will usually tell you where the rug was crafted, the type of rug it is, how it was crafted, the size of the rug and the fibers used in crafting it. This information is great to help with an understanding of what specific type of rug you have, as well as what the proper service and maintenance methods are. If there is no tag present, or you simply have more questions, you can always reach out to our staff at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility and we would be happy to help in any way that we can!

Silk is a material that is used to craft certain types of fine area rugs. Silk has a particular look and feel to it that will typically stand out immediately to a professional rug technician. However, these particularly distinctive tell tale signs may not be as noticeable to your average rug owner. There is a synthetic type of rug that is meant to replicate the look and feel of a natural, silk rug. A faux silk area rug is called a Viscose rug. Viscose rugs are purposely crafted to imitate a silk area rug and it can be tough to tell the difference between the two at times. Provided in this post will be some information to help you determine if your rug is natural silk, or a synthetic imitation.

Silk, Faux Soie, Art Silk, Coconut Silk, Bamboo Silk, Flax Silk, Banana Silk, Raw Silk, Hemp Silk, Mercerized Cotton and Rayon are all descriptive terms for silk fibers in any type of textile available to consumers these days. Rug owners beware! Often, many rugs that are labeled as “silk” that are machine made and available to consumers today are not actual silk that has been spun directly from silk worms. Instead of being actual silk, these faux silk rugs are more of a mix of inexpensive cellulosic type fibers that purposely are meant to trick and confuse the rug purchaser. The cellulosic, chemically treated fibers have a shorter than average life span and do not hold up well at all to standard, every day usage.

Any professional rug cleaning technician will know that extreme caution needs to be followed when cleaning these types of area rugs, whether they actually are genuine silk, or a synthetic imposter. Natural or faux silk rugs can often have a propensity to have dye transfer issues, as well as issues with the natural texture of the rug. Natural silk or faux silk area rugs always need to be groomed by hand while the rug is being dried. This helps to reset the full, plush surface pile.

One of the unfortunate issues with natural silk or synthetic look a likes is how easily damaged they are. If you have a mistake at home and a stain sets before you can get the rug to a professional for a cleaning service, the stain would more than likely not be able to be removed without performing permanent damage the the fibers. This is an extreme case involving these types of rugs, due to the delicacy of the fibers involved. When treating pre-existing stains on a silk or faux silk rug, the possibility of being unable to completely remove the stain should be kept in mind, with the goal of some signs of improvement being realistic.

It is highly recommended to never use any over the counter products when attempting to treat a stain on your silk or imitation silk rug. Over the counter products typically contain harsh chemicals that can cause more harm than good to the delicate fibers.

When the time comes to have a professional rug washing service performed, or even if you just have a few questions about your rug, never hesitate to reach out. We have friendly staff members standing by and ready to help!

Surface Protectants

No matter if your rug is machine made, or hand woven, or if the materials used to craft it are synthetic or natural, it is always important to keep up with the rug properly to help ensure a long and vibrant life. When a rug is crafted using synthetic materials, these types of rugs have durable fibers that are strong and can be subjected to more invasive, heavy duty cleaning methods. While the synthetic materials in these rugs are durable, the rug itself may not typically last as long as a nice hand woven natural fiber rug. This is mostly due to the cheaper, mass production manner in which they are made. Being mass produced by machines leads to cheaper costs of synthetic rugs for consumers. This often means that synthetic rug owners will have no problem replacing their synthetic rugs when they begin to show wear. Natural fiber area rugs are usually on the higher end of the pricing scale, as they are often hand woven and can last for decades. Often, these types of rugs will have personal ties to their owners. A combination of personal attachment to a natural fiber rug, as well as its monetary worth, will typically be enough to convince the rug owner to keep up with regular maintenance, so the rug will last as long as possible. Whether your rug is made of natural fibers or a synthetic material, if you are spending the time and effort to invest in proper maintenance, it would be a good idea to apply a protectant that can help to maintain the integrity of the fibers of the rug.

When you have your rug professionally cleaned in a proper facility, it is recommended to have a protectant applied after your service. A high end fiber protectant helps to extend the amount of time that a spill can sit on the surface of the fibers, as opposed to seeping down within and causing permanent damage. A good area rug protectant can help with not only liquids, but with dirt and other debris as well. Keeping debris on the surface helps to keep it from becoming compacted into the base fibers of the rug.

Any rug owner can run out to the local store and purchase a commonly sold products and apply it themselves, but it will never have the same effectiveness as an industrial grade product that is applied properly by a trained professional. Applying at the proper time is vitally important as well. Since most rug owners cannot perform a proper area rug cleaning service in their home, they would always be best suited to have it done in the facility, immediately following the completion of a professional rug washing service. Professional rug cleaning technicians are trained, experienced individuals who can apply a protectant in a manner so that it is as effective as it can be and can last as long as possible. When the protectant is applied, it should be groomed into the rug, which means that the surface piles of the rug should be brushed in the proper direction using special agitation brush to ensure complete coverage of the fibers. Another important step in the application process is proper drying. The rug itself should have been properly cleaned and completely dried prior to application. Once applied, the protectant itself needs to be completely dried to the fibers prior to using the rug.

Professional technicians are going to be using one of two different types of protectant, when applying it to your rug. These two types are solvent based protectants and water based protectants. Typically, most solvent based protectants work much more effectively that water based protectants. Either one of these types of protectant will help to slow the absorption of liquids into the fibers of the rug. However, when the rug is natural fibered (cotton, wool, silk), a solvent based protectant is the way to go, due to its better performance.

While fiber protectants are highly effective when used and applied properly, they are not a 100% complete answer to preventing permanent damage. Again, the best protectants produced are essentially buffers that help give you the time to treat an accident before it can set. These protectants will not simply make your rug invincible. A good, properly applied protectant will keep a spill beaded on the top of the fibers for up to 15 minutes. The key is for the rug owner to clean the spill immediately. The protectant buys you some time, but cannot ultimately prevent liquids from seeping down the fibers to the base of the rug. Always remember to do your part and tend to any spills, messes or accidents that take place on the surface of your area rug as quickly as possible. If a spill has the time to work its way past the surface protectant, you will want to have the rug cleaned by professionals as soon as possible, to give your rug its best chance at avoiding permanent staining damage.

Remembering to keep up with regular maintenance, such as vacuuming regularly and having your rug professionally cleaned will have a major impact on the life and look of your rug. To help hedge your bet, have the protectant applied after each professional cleaning. This is the best way to help your rug endure for the long run.

Give us a call anytime with any questions or concerns you may have about your rug. We have a helpful staff that is friendly and ready to do what they can to help! You can reach our office at 813-344-5112!

Types Of Wear

It is a common occurrence for our in home area rugs to develop different patterns of wear and tear over the years. Whether your area rug is natural fiber or synthetic, it is still typically subjected to usage that will inevitably cause some form of visual wear across the surface of the rug pile. Any professional will recommend that you regularly maintain your area rug with weekly vacuuming, tending to spills immediately and having a professional rug cleaning performed annually. Following those steps, along with doing your best to keep foot traffic across the rug limited, keeping it out of extended direct sunlight exposure and away from a beloved pet, will help to keep your rug looking and feeling as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. It is an unfortunate fact that no matter how well you take care of your natural or synthetic fiber area rug, it will eventually give way to some type of wear. The most common types of wear that form across the surface pile of an area rug are Wear Patterns, Traffic Lanes and Pile Distortion. You might ask what these issues are, what causes them and how to help prevent them. We are here to provide some information that will help to explain the answers to your questions and hopefully help to guide you along in the personal maintenance of your area rug.

Pile Distortion is a disturbance in the texture and color of your area rug that happens when regular useage or wear eventually causes the fibers that make the surface pile untwist themselves. The untwisted fibers will now absorb light into new areas of the fibers, while the areas of unworn fibers that remain in tact will continue to reflect the light that hits them. There are certain situations in which regular, everyday foot traffic can train the fibers to lean the wrong way. Unfortunately, due to improper in home cleaning, fibers can be reset in the location at which they lie and less strong fibers, like the kind you would find in Viscose rugs, will lose the tightness of their twist which makes them lie in the wrong direction. These sections of the rug pile that become dark and distorted can end up being permanent. The fibers in these areas lie in a different direction than where they are intended and cannot be brushed back to sit properly. Area rugs with larger, more open type patterns typically show this distortion more so than rugs with more intricate patterns.

Wear Patterns on area rugs are areas across the pile that are easily visible and typically large. They consist of fibers worn down or eroded due to constant, heavy usage. Rugs used in doorways or halls most typically fit this description. High Traffic Lanes on a rug that do not get enough regular maintenance will eventually develop wear patterns. Weaker fibers will typically break down completely when subjected to excessive foot traffic, which in itself causes permanent Wear Patterns. Wear Patterns cannot be washed out, like normal traffic lanes might be able to, due to the permanent damage caused. The areas with the most wear can eventually break all the way down to the foundation weave, with no pile, if not taken care of.

Traffic Lanes are areas across the most highly trafficked portions of the rug that look darker and more discolored that the other portions. Traffic Lanes are usually located on the areas of the rug that are most walked on or where people may rest their feet on often, such as the middle of the rug, or areas placed around furniture. These Traffic Lanes are a direct result of constant foot traffic, as well as inadequate regular maintenance. Weaker rug fibers do not typically hold up to normal traffic, much less heavy traffic, very well at all. Traffic Lanes on rugs with weaker fibers tend to show up much more noticeably and will typically show up more quickly than on higher quality rugs. After an extended period of time, these Traffic Lanes will clearly look darker, gray and more soiled than the portions of the rug that lie beneath furniture.

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Tufted Area Rugs

Tufted floor rugs are specific floor coverings that are made in somewhat of an unexpected way in comparison to hand or machine hitched mats. Initially, there is an essential support that is extended over an edge. This support is fundamentally the same as muslin. The specific mat outline is then drawn onto this essential base. Next, the shaded strands, or yarns, are embedded into the essential base by jabbing them through the support utilizing a hand worked tufting tool. The strands are then uniformly chopped down to make the surface pile. The third step comprises of rolling a layer of latex glue onto the back of the mat. This latex cement holds the tufts in their proper positions, as they are not hitched onto the essential base. In conclusion, finish hems and an extra layer of support base are fastened onto the back of the mat, which finishes the procedure.

It is very normal for present day floor coverings to be built in this way. This proficient floor covering making process makes floor mats more moderate to a considerably bigger market of people.Your local Tampa Rug Cleaning experts know a lot about this process!

Regularly, a fresh out of the plastic new hand tufted floor mat will produce a specific sort of pungent smell. Tragically, there is no specific treatment that could be performed to totally evacuate this smell. The latex adhesive that is utilized inside the tufted floor mat will frequently perform a standard procedure called “off gassing”. This procedure makes a scent like what you would smell in a crisply painted room or a fresh out of the plastic new vehicle. Any individual with particular odor sensitivities would be affected by this smell discharge more so than individuals without these issues. While a legitimate washing service is the best cleaning strategy for a tufted floor covering, an appropriately carried out cleaning and aerating by professionals may not totally expel the latex smell.

As a tufted floor mat ages, the latex adhesive that was applied while the rug was being crafted starts to separate and break down. As the latex adhesive keeps on disintegrating, it will cause a white sediment like powder to tumble from the base of the floor covering. After some time, the disintegration of the latex adhesive can make the back support portion to end up no longer securely attached and separate itself from whatever remains of the floor covering. At the point when the white powder ends up becoming extremely excessive and the base of the rug removes itself from the remainder of the rug, the owner of the floor covering will go to a point where they need to choose to either have the floor covering professionally repaired (expel and supplant the latex adhesive and apply a new support) or to dispose of the tufted mat. Contingent upon the particular mat, the cost of repair can regularly surpass the cost of supplanting the floor covering itself.

Pet Odor Removal TampaA standout amongst the most widely recognized events we experience when washing rugs in our plant is contamination from a pet’s urine. Treating a tufted mat for urine can be particularly troublesome because of the layer of latex glue that holds the base support on. Pet urine should be flushed out of the carpet and the tufted base can make that procedure hard to do thoroughly. Luckily, a legitimate full submersion soaking and flushing treatment is an exceptionally compelling approach to totally expel pet urine from a tufted floor covering. Feel free to find out some more helpful info on this topic by clicking Here!

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White Knots in Rugs

What we in the industry call “White Knots” refers to tiny little knots that may be barely visible throughout an area rug. These white knots are typically white, but can actually be different colors, based on what color yarn was used when crafting the foundation of the area rug. These knots are hidden within the pile of just about every hand knotted area rug made. These knots show up in hand knotted area rugs due to spots in the rug where the foundation yarn broke. This happens as the rug weaver is crafting the rug, while it is stretched out over the loom. The two broken ends of the woven yarn are just tied back together, which in turn forms the (typically) white knot. After the break in the yarn is repaired, the weaving of the area rug continues. These white knots are usually hidden within the pile and not always noticeable. However, as the pile begins to wear or mat down over time, due to standard wear and usage, the knots begin to show a bit more and more as they get closer to the surface of the pile. The lower the pile gets, the higher the knots seem and that makes them much more visible to the naked eye.

The white knots that begin to show themselves are overlooked often by the area rug owner, until the rug as been professionally washed. This is mostly because once the area rug washing process has been performed, the knots are usually clean, bright and much more easily visible. Standard usage will lead to a buildup of debris and soil on the area rug which effectively hides the white knots to the naked eye. An often unnoticed function of these knots is an indication of rug pile wear. The knots show themselves as the rug pile wears down.


Always remember to never cut those white knots! Being that these knots are holding very important foundation fibers together, cutting a white knot can let the fibers pull themselves apart, which will eventually create a hole in the rug. White knots are essentially a good sign. When you see these white knots, you know you have a nice, authentic, hand knotted area rug. However, if you consider them to be an annoyance to your view of the rug, you can do something about them. If you feel it is necessary to rid your rug of white knots, you can have them re-piled. Re-piling is an expensive method of repair, but it is permanent. A more cost effective repair method is to have a professional touch them up using a dye that matches the particular area of the rug. This method is typically much less expensive, but is only a temporary fix.

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