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DIY Area Rug Urine Treatment


Pet Odor Removal TampaHere at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility, we clean a wide variety of rug types and address a never-ending list of specific concerns. While many rugs come in as just being purchased or handed down, have had a flood accident or food spill, or are just in for their regular maintenance cleanings, a large portion of the rugs we wash come into our facility with the same particular concern. That concern that affects so many fine area rugs is Pet Urine! Our facility cleans many, many rugs on an every day basis. Of all the rugs we service, just about half of them have pet urine issues. There are so many of them, we have a special area where they are stored until they are cleaned. Many think that pets are so attracted to urinating on the rug because it reminds them of the outdoors. The soft fibers beneath their feet can have a bit of a similar feel to the grass outside. Whatever it is that causes our beloved pets to choose our in home area rugs as their destination for “relief”, we may never fully know. What we do know, however, is that this is one heck of an annoyance! When your pet does urinate on your area rug, you will immediately pickup the pungent odor that comes along with the urine. That odor will lead you to the spot itself where if you are lucky, it is not too big. Another bit of luck that could go your way is if you find the urine as soon as possible, after it happened. Unfortunately, you are going to have to clean the mess of urine up. But, if you get to it quickly enough and clean it up well, you might help to prevent a never ending reminder of the accident in the form of a yellow urine stain. This incredibly common issue that most rug owners who also have in home pets face can be frustrating, as well as detrimental for your nice in home rug. We wanted to provide a bit of information about this all too common area rug issue with hopes that when you come across a pet urine spot on your oriental rug, you will have the proper information on hand so that you can treat it promptly and properly.

When you discover the unwelcome urine spot on your in home area rug, you will want to act very quickly. As mentioned earlier, if you find the urine spot just after it happened, you will have the best chance at cleaning most of it up and preventing permanent damage to the fibers, in the form of a stain. Urine can often begin to damage the fibers in your rug almost immediately. If you were able to clean the urine up quickly enough and avoid permanent staining, you would have cleared a huge hurdle. Even with a highly effective professional cleaning service, the staining caused by urine may not be able to be completely removed. Time is always of the most importance when cleaning up a urine mess! To treat your freshly discovered present left by your pet (urine spot) yourself, you only need some basic household items. A few clean cloths, a bowl, cool water, distilled white vinegar and some dish soap is all you need for a safe and effective in home treatment before calling the professionals.

The first thing you will want to do is fill your bowl about half way with some room temperature water. Next, you can mix a cup or so of distilled white vinegar. It can be about a fifty fifty mix of water and vinegar. The vinegar does most of the work, but you want to make sure it is well diluted so that it is not too harsh on the rug fibers. The last step to making your homemade solution is to add a little bit of dish soap. You can mix everything evenly using your finger or a spoon. Now that you have your mixture complete, you will want to use it to treat the urine affected area. Lightly pour the solution over the urine spot on your area rug and let it dwell for a few minutes. After being left to dwell for a bit, you can begin to dab the solution back up. You may need to repeat this step once more to achieve the best results with your in home spot treatment. Once you feel as though you have removed as much of the urine from your rug as possible with this step, you will want to repeat this process a few times using room temperature water, with no additives. Just using some water will help to dilute the homemade solution that remains in the fibers of your rug and remove the last remnants. After it seems that you have removed as much urine, as well as the solution, as possible, you can then go about dabbing and blotting the remaining moisture up until it is as dry as it can get.

Once you complete the in home urine extraction treatment, call a professional immediately! Reach out to us and set yourself up with a professional extraction and cleaning service. While your quick, in-home treatment is great for attaining the most ideal results, it is only a light treatment that helps the surface of the fibers. When you call us for a proper, thorough treatment, we will send rug technicians to your home to pick your rug up and bring it back to our facility. Your rug will go through our normal full immersion wash service, however, we will first perform our full submersion urine odor extraction treatment. This treatment places your entire rug in a special bath where the rug is fully submersed. While in this bath, the rug will have a mixture of water and a special urine and odor neutralizing solution flushed throughout it. It is this process of constant flushing that makes this treatment so effective. The special solutions we use work their magic in breaking down the salts and crystals left behind by the urine, then the flushing process forces them from within the weaves of your rug. This process takes hours and once complete, your rug will then be placed on our custom wash floor where the full immersion wash will take place. This urine removal treatment is so effective, that complete odor removal is GUARANTEED! Give our office a call today at 813-344-5112 or check out some information on our website for more information!

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