Area Rug Cleaning St Petersburg FL

Our Area rug cleaning St Petersburg company is family owned and operated and we have a 100% PET ODOR REMOVAL GUARANTEE! Thats right, if your rug has pet urine odor, we guarantee to the removal of the odor that emits from the rug. St  Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities for us to travel, pick up and deliver rugs is in the city of St Petersburg Fl. When it comes to pet odor removal, sure the stain itself can often be permanent but the techniques that we use guarantees the removal of the odor. We offer pickup and delivery in the St Petersburg FL and surrounding areas. We do not charge extra for rugs with fringes. And speaking of fringes, we can take your dirty fringes and make them look brand new again. We use a specific cleaning solution for cleaning of fringes then use a high pressure flushing process to remove the soils with ease. If your current area rug cleaner struggles with getting your rugs fringes looking good, give us a try and you will be amazed of the outcome.

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We would like to talk about a little bit of the history that makes the city of St Petersburg so important to us. Our area rug cleaning company loves the beautiful city of St Petersburg Fl and here are a few reason why.

St. Petersburg FL still remains the resort style town the founders hoped for, a community of pelicans, dolphins, sunshine year round and boats as far as the eye can see. In 1875, General John Williams came from Detroit and bought 2,500 acres in Tampa Bay. He envisioned a grand city with parks and broad streets, which is the trademark of today’s St. Pete. The city’s first hotel was named after his birthplace, Detroit.

About a decade later, Peter Demens, a Russian aristocrat, brought the Orange Belt Railway to St. Petersburg FL. In June of 1888, the first train arrived, carrying empty freight cars and one passenger, a shoe salesman from Savannah. Built slow and steady, with unpaid laborers, the railroad finally chugged to St. Petersburg. Demens named the city after his birthplace, St. Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg incorporated as a city in June 1903.

The year 1914 brought a couple great things to St. Petersburg. The first is Americas past time, aka baseball. Spring training started here first and Florida’s love affair with baseball began that year when the city’s former mayor, Al Lang, convinced Branch Rickey to move his St. Louis Browns baseball team to the city for baseballs preseason.

The second great thing was the beginning of commercial aviation. Tony Jannus flew his airplane across Tampa Bay in 23 minutes, skimming across the water at a height of 50 feet. The event is commonly hailed as the birth of commercial aviation.

December 1, 1915 was when the first library was built. Known for its beauty and unique style, it also remains in operation today. Soon after the first big growth boom started with an invasion of tourists to the area. The 1920’s were the real beginning of the “want” to be in St. Petersburg.


Not only do we provide pickup and delivery as well as full submersion washing of your area rugs in the St Petersburg FL area, but many other services to go along with the cleaning.

In need of pet urine odor removal St Petersburg FL? We guarantee the odor removal for all of our rug cleaning. Looking to protect your rug from future spills and pet accidents, we offer a protectant that give your area rug a protective coating similar to rainX for your car windshield. Is your rug sliding around on the hard surface it resides on, we off some of the best oriental rug padding in the industry. Not only does it help with safety, but also protects the floor underneath from scratches and harmful dye transfer. Our rug cleaning experts have the knowledge and skill to tackle almost any type, age or origin of rug. Give Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility a call today 813-344-5112 for a FREE estimate on your area rug.