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Pet Odor Removal

The Best Pet Odor Removal Service in St Petersburg

One of our more commonly sought after services is our Pet Odor Removal in St Petersburg pre treatment. Our professional rug technicians clean and treat a variety of rugs from all over the world. These fine oriental rugs can be plagued with various issues, which typically need their own specific treatments. The most commonly treated rug issue is pet odor. We service multiple rugs weekly that have been affected by pet urine. Some of the rugs we receive simply have one smaller spot of urine that needs treatment, and some rugs come to our shop almost entirely covered in pet urine. Either circumstance produces a strong pungent smell that can radiate through your home, causing much frustration. Whether your rug is soaked in urine, or simply has one small pet stain, we have an extraction treatment, which yields great results!

Our professional rug technicians are trained and experienced in a multitude of rug treatment methods used to attack almost any circumstance. Being that pet odor is the most commonly crossed rug issues; we have perfected an excellent pet urine removal procedure. Our St Petersburg pet odor removal process involves a full submersion rug soak for a few hours prior to beginning the actual rug washing process. We use a high-end solution, which works hard to break crystalized urine salt down into a liquid, which can then be drawn from the rug. Our special pet odor solution in St Petersburg also helps to remove discoloration in your rug’s fibers that is caused by the pet urine. A combination of our pet odor removal treatment and a full immersion rug washing will typically yield fantastic results, leaving your rug looking, feeling and smelling new!

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Our Superior St Petersburg, FL Pet Odor Removal

How is Pet Urine Different?

Pet urine odor can be quite difficult to rectify in most situations due to the way it affects your rug. If there is a standard spill on your rug, the liquid will usually pool at the surface and give you plenty of opportunity to perform a quick surface cleaning. Blotting or dabbing the liquid right off the top of your rug is an easy and effective method for standard spill treatment. Unfortunately, this is not the case when dealing with pesky pet urine which is why you need our pet odor removal in St Petersburg!

Pet urine is much heavier than most liquids due to the microscopic contents carried with it. Acids, bacteria and salts are all expelled from within your pet’s body along with the urine. The heavy urine will quickly work its way down as far as it can, to the base of your rug. Once at the base of the rug, it becomes much more difficult to remove all of the urine. A simple blotting or dabbing with a clean rag will hardly be effective.

Pet Odor Removal in St Petersburg FL

Why You Need a Professional

Once the urine has reached the lowest part of your rug, it will embed itself into the tightly woven warps and wefts that combine with each other to make the base of your rug. As the liquid portion of the urine begins to evaporate, it will leave the heavier elements behind. The salts and bacteria that are left behind in the tightly woven base of your rug are your biggest concern. The salts will crystallize together, often trapping the bacteria with it. This is where that pungent, unwelcomed odor comes from.

Unfortunately, this is near impossible to remove at home. Vacuuming or scrubbing will not solve the problem. Even if you thoroughly flushed your oriental rug in St Petersburg, you would still need the proper solutions to be applied in the proper manner to neutralize the urine salts and bacteria. Without performing this procedure in the exact proper way, you will still be left with the urine odor as well as the stain.

best Pet Odor Removal

The Dangers of DIY

If you visit a local department store you will easily be able to find a number of on the shelf products that claim to be able to solve this pet urine odor issue. Any professional rug technician would tell you immediately to avoid applying any of these products to your oriental rug. Most of the products come in aerosol cans or can be liquid concentrates. They are almost exclusively made up of chemicals that are meant to be a harsh, reactionary treatment for your oriental rug. This can cause great damage to an oriental rug with soft, natural fibers, or an oriental rug that could be susceptible to dye transfer or color bleeding. When applied to an oriental rug, you may instantly be left with permanent damage.

Whether or not the surface pile of your oriental rug shows adverse effects upon application of these types of products, they never actually provide full treatment of the base of your rug. Treating the base of your oriental rug is the key to solving your pet odor problem in St Petersburg, FL.

Our Process

We begin by inspecting and testing your oriental rug for any existing or potential issues. If dye transfer or color bleeding is a concern, we have a pre-treatment process to stabilize the dyes before addressing pet odor removal in St Petersburg, FL. Any rips, tears, or fraying are addressed prior to the pet urine removal pre-soak treatment.

Our pet odor removal process involves a thorough inspection, a full submersion pre-soak in a special solution, extensive flushing of both sides of the rug, and a final inspection before the immersion washing process begins. We take pride in our perfected pet odor removal process and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to assist you with any questions or concerns. When you need pet odor removal, contact us for reliable service and expert solutions at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant!

Our Pet Odor Removal

It Might Not Be Just Your Rugs

While pet dander and pet urine are common issues in oriental rugs that we can thoroughly treat in our facility, there are times in which these odors can still reside within your home. Luckily, we can take the urine or dander affected rug out of your home and bring it back to our facility where we can perform the necessary steps to remove the bacteria and salts that cause the staining and odors to be so prevalent. But, the odors in question can actually be absorbed into any porous surfaces within your home. So, while the odor issues within your rug can be resolved by our professional rug washing technicians, you may still be stuck with an odor in your home.

Surfaces such as your drywall, baseboards, tackstrips and even your HVAC system can absorb and re-emit these pesky odors. If you have your oriental rug cleaned and treated to remove the pet odors and they still seem prevalent in your home, you may need to attack the other surfaces discussed to eliminate all persistent odors!

Professional Pet Odor Removal


Answering Questions About Pet Odor Removal in St Petersburg, FL

Can pet odors be effectively removed from Oriental rugs?

 Yes, our professional pet odor removal treatment is specifically designed to effectively eliminate pet odors from Oriental rugs. We have a comprehensive process in place to ensure thorough odor removal.

How does your pet odor removal treatment work?

 Our pet odor removal treatment includes a full inspection of the rug, followed by a full submersion pre-soak in a special solution. The rug is then thoroughly flushed on both sides to remove the odor-causing substances. Our expert technicians perform a final inspection before proceeding with the washing process.

Is the pet odor removal treatment safe for Oriental rugs?

Yes, our pet odor removal treatment is safe for Oriental rugs. We use gentle yet effective cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated for delicate rugs. Our technicians are trained to handle Oriental rugs with care to ensure their safety throughout the process.

Can your pet odor removal treatment address deep-seated odors?

Absolutely. Our pet odor removal treatment is designed to penetrate deep into the fibers of the rug, targeting and eliminating even the most stubborn pet odors. We have extensive experience in dealing with deep-seated odors and can provide effective solutions.

How long does the pet odor removal process take?

The duration of the pet odor removal process depends on various factors such as the size and condition of the rug. Generally, it takes several steps and may require a few hours to complete. We strive to complete the process efficiently while ensuring thorough odor removal for your Oriental rug.

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If you have any other questions about this Pet Odor Removal treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office! Our friendly office staff is standing by, ready to help in any way they can. The rug washing process is intricate, delicate and detailed, as these fine oriental rugs do require specific methods of treatment that can only be carried out by professionals. While the Full-Immersion wash is the best treatment for most oriental rugs, this Full-Submersion pretreatment is the only effective way to remove pet urine, as well as the odor associated with it. Our technicians are experts at what they do!

Any rug owners with pets know that it is incredibly difficult to keep your beloved pets off of your nice oriental rug, without having to place your rug in a room that is not easily accessible. However, this is not typically the route that oriental rug owners want to necessarily take. Even the best, most trained pets seem to be unable to resist making the occasional mess on that oriental rug. The thought is, generally, that the pets see this surface as one similar to the outdoor surface where they would typically do their business. While we love our pets (and our rugs), pet mess on your beautiful rug is never a welcomed situation.

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