Area Rug Dusting

The common perception is that running the vacuum over your area rug is the only way to get the sand and dirt from the top of your rug.  Little did you know that when you take your rug to be professionally cleaned, the rug dusting part is one of the most important steps in the oriental rug cleaning process.  Dusting maybe the most important step in area rug cleaning! Anyone who skips this vital step is simply not cleaning your rug properly. There’s been one study that has shown that an 8ft x 10ft rug can hold as much as 25 pounds of soil & debris deep down in the fibers before it will even look or appear dirty!  When you think about that, how much dirt do you think may be hiding in your area rug?

Steps In The Rug Dusting Process

There are many detailed steps in the thorough process of a full immersion rug washing. From inspecting, to dusting, to washing, to drying, each detailed step is extremely vital and needs to be performed properly! That is why it is good to have an experienced rug professional company who knows how to clean an area rug properly. Even if you prefer doing things yourself, there is some equipment needed to complete the immersion washing procedure that is just not available for consumers to use in their home. One piece of equipment that is only found in a professional rug cleaner facility is a rug duster. This piece of equipment is very large and would need a facility with ample space to hold the rug duster. The rug dusting machine provides straps underneath that rotate at a fast rpm. rotation. This step is done prior to the rug being washed, it will be laid on a metal grid, then the rug dusting machine gently beats the back of the rug, releasing pounds and pounds of unwanted dirt. With the ability to remove almost all loose pieces of  soil or dust from the rug prior to beginning the wash process creates for the best outcome to a fully cleaned area rug. Dusting is much more effective than vacuuming which is why having your oriental rug cleaned professionally is extremely important.

As dust and soil settles and builds up on and in your rug, it quickly begins the method of settling down into the base of the rug, through the pile fibers. By running a vacuum over the rug it will remove much of the surface dirt and grime, but any of the heavier particles may be pushed farther down into the bottom of the area rug by the vibrating of the vacuum. Once the grime is settled into the base of the area rug, any foot traffic on the area rug will cause it to rub against the bottom of the wool pile fibers, slowly breaking the area rug fibers, and leading to advanced wear and tear. The wearing down can be slowed down considerably by making sure all the dirt and grime in the base of the rug is removed.


You can use these steps to help prolong the life of your rug. All that is needed is a vacuum and a stick. Make sure to vacuum at least once a week. Once a month, take the rug outside and hang it on a fence and beat the rug with a stick, this will shake out a good amount of soil, which will help prolong the life of the rug.

There is another important step you may not be aware of. If you flip your area rug over so that the rug is face is down on any type of hard surface, you can thoroughly vacuum the back of the rug. In this case, the opposite affect happens, the vibrating of the upright vacuum cleaner will rattle the grime loose from the base, and it will end up on the hard surface so you can easily vacuum it up. You can then flip the area rug over and vacuum up the dirt that was shaken loose onto the floor, as well as any remaining dirt on the top of the rug.  This process of dusting and it is a very important step in that we dust the rugs before and after washing. The area rugs will need a thorough soaking and rinsing to loosen the soil, and the after the wash dusting removes all the loose wool particles. Removing the soil through dusting, vacuuming and regular cleaning can greatly increase the life of your area rug, making sure it remains looking good for the years to come. We always take the time to get as much dirt and soil out of the rug before the actual cleaning process begins. Make sure to ask your rug cleaner what steps they take to ensure proper rug dusting is being performed.

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