Area Rug Fringe Cleaning

Does your area rug have fringe located on either end? You may not think much about it, besides how clean or dirty it may look. Though you may be surprised how important these foundational fiber strands are to the entirety of the rug! Woven rugs are constructed by applying yarn to a base foundation. Warps and Wefts are the base foundation of these woven rugs. Warps are the stretched fibers that the Wefts are woven through. The Warps are tightly stretched vertically, while the Wefts are woven horizontally. This combination of woven fibers is essentially the most important part of the rug as it is the base foundation of the rug itself. The pile usually made of wool or silk is what is commonly seen from the customers point of view, but without a solid foundation there would be no beautiful pile to look at.

So How Do They Make Rugs With Fringes?

You may be asking why we area explaining the Warps and Wefts of a rug. Well, it is because the fringe you see is actually the end of the Warps themselves! This isn’t always the same for every rug but most hand-knotted rugs this is true. After a woven oriental rug has been completed, the fringe is knotted, effectively keeping the base foundation tight and secure! Being the Fringe is such a noticeable party of the rugs “good looks” we have special procedures when performing our oriental rug fringe cleaning. The fringe is a part of the rug, so it is washed, along with the rest of the rug during our full immersion washing process. If the rug has urine or strong odors emitting from the rug, the fringe and the entire rest of the rug will go through the full, proper treatment to rectify the odor concern. The main difference when dealing with the fringe, is the cleaning processes. The fringe will get its very own treatment, designed to remove the embedded soils out of the usually white cotton fringe.

Our full immersion rug cleaning process is specifically designed for treating natural fibered area rugs. While we can clean almost any rug, from your high-end orientals to synthetic materials, the delicate nature of the natural fibers used to create these types of area rugs require a particular type of cleaning process. This more detailed cleaning method is carried from the wash floor to the fringe cleaning portion of the washing process. During the cleaning, the rug is immersed in cool, flowing water, flowing water is the key here, as this is replicating the river flow, where the first rugs where cleaned 100’s of years ago. This helps to flush through the rug, causing no damage to the fibers whether they are natural or synthetic. Our rug cleaning specialists will then apply the proper solutions to the oriental rug. Each rug is unique so specific cleaning solutions based on the results of the initial inspection are chosen for that rugs specific circumstances.  The process itself will vary depending on the initial inspection, the materials the rug is made of and many other factors. A more vigorous cleaning helps with synthetic materials, while a more delicate approach is required for high-end natural fibers. After the proper cleaning solution is determined, it is then applied to the rug, the fibers are all agitated, using a hand operated tool. including the fringes, as they benefit from this process as well. The agitation process helps to open the fibers up, where the solution can grab the imbedded soil and the cool, flushing water can carry them away. Once the wash has commenced,  our centrifugal drying machine helps spin out the excess water greatly reducing the time it takes the rug to dry. Without a centrifugal drying process, fan drying can take days, which will lead to odor issues, and can cause issues with the fringe as well. When a rug is hung for too long, the dyes  can be pulled down through the rug into the fringes causing unwanted colors in the usually white cotton fringes. This is incredibly important, as it can change the color of your fringes, leaving the rug looking less than ideal. Our centrifugal drying process helps to eliminates this issue, as the rug is more than 95% dry once exciting the centrifuge.  This means the final hang time is very, thus preventing dye transfer issues with your fringe as well as other problems caused by prolonged hanging of the rug.

Once the detailed full immersion rug cleaning is complete, the technicians will then perform the specialty fringe process shown in the video above. This process is similar to our wash process, but with some variations specifically meant to help provide amazing results with our area rug fringe cleaning service.  This process is amazing in that it will typically yield instant results, with a dramatic change in the look and feel of the fringe. Not only do we have a video of our process but check out some of our before and after photos of the fringes we have restored, and see for yourself how effective a proper fringe cleaning can really benefit your rugs overall look.

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