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Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Area Rug Cleaning Company Our professional rug cleaning Tampa technicians here at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant are experts in all facets of area rug washing. We have specific procedures, solutions and tools that we spent years using to help us hone our craft. When servicing a customer’s fine area rug, whether natural fibered or synthetic fibered, we treat each rug with the utmost care and respect! Our rug technicians see a variety of rugs that may be recent purchases, or may have been in a customer’s family for generations. Rugs from all over the world, made different ways and from different materials have all seen our wash floor.

The methods and procedures our professional rug cleaning technicians apply during   the washing process are all safe, effective ways to treat any area rug. We are quite   confident that our area rug washing service is one of the best out there! Our confidence comes from the many years of making customers happy by providing a friendly service with great final results. Our base process is pretty much the same from rug to rug, but the real differences lie in the specifics. Different fibers or origins of a rug may require different solutions to be used or different agitation or flushing methods. Inspection results may lead us in a direction that requires particular pre washing treatments. Regardless of the type of rug we service, we have a safe and effective plan of attack!


Our first step in our area rug cleaning Tampa process is the in facility inspection. Upon arrival to our facility, one of our professional rug technicians will lay the rug out on our grated flooring to take measurements and begin the inspection.

Rug Cleaning Inspection The first portion of the inspection is the visual check. A technician will visually look the rug over, up close and at a distance to inspect for any pre existing issues. The technician will also feel the rug out with his hands thoroughly. This helps us to find rips, tears, frays, discoloration or other issues affecting the rug. Next, we test the fibers themselves. We have a simple, standard way of checking a few individual fibers to confirm the material we are servicing. The final step of the initial inspection is to test for the possibility of dye transfer of color bleeding issues during the washing process.


After completing the initial inspection, the rug will be dusted. This step is very important, as it is incredibly effective in the removal of any loose debris trapped within the rug. The rug is laid out, upside down, on our custom built grated dusting platform. A rug technician then hand operates a dusting machine across the entire backing of the rug.

Oriental Rug Dusting   Rug Dusting

This duster lightly beats the back of the rug, knocking all loose debris out from the tip of the fibers, down to the base of the rug. Dusting a rug is much more effective than vacuuming. A typical rug can actually be relieved of a few pounds of debris from just one treatment.


The results of the initial inspection will determine which steps are taken after completing the rug dusting process. This would include whether a pre soak is required, which particular solutions are to be used and which methods we will use to treat the area rug. If the inspection shows that the possibility of dye transfer or color bleeding during the rug washing exists, we will perform the proper treatments needed to neutralize this concern. This pre treatment is a standard part of our cleaning process and there is no additional charge. If there are no irregularities found during the initial inspection, the rug will go straight to the wash floor.


Once on the wash floor, the actual washing process begins.  Your area rug will be laid out on our wash floor where it will be flushed thoroughly, throughout the front and the back of the rug. We have a custom built water system that uses cool water, a pump with the proper Gallons Per Minute and a specific nozzle that provides the perfect flow of water. After flushing the rug thoroughly, our rug technician will apply the proper cleaning solution based on the results of the initial inspection. Area Rug Washing The particular solution is applied delicately using a hand pump sprayer, to ensure proper application is attained. The solution will be left to dwell for a short period of time before the pile agitation begins. The rug technician will then use a hand operated orbital agitation tool to agitate the rug pile in its entirety. This process opens up the individual rug fibers to help the cleaning solution reach throughout the fibers and down to the base of the rug. This ensures the deepest cleaning possible.  When the agitation process is complete, the rug is thoroughly flushed through the front and the back once more to remove the cleaning solution and any debris that was still remaining.


Now that the washing process has finished, it is time for a proper drying of the area rug. This step is as important as the rest, as improper drying methods can cause permanent damage to your rug. When the area rug washing process is completed, the rug will be completely soaked throughout.

Rug Drying  We have a special tool that is used to essentially flash extract a large majority of the water trapped within the rug. Once most of the water has been extracted from your clean area rug, it is then placed on our custom built, cool-air drying rack. Our rack was built with large, wide arms to prevent any creasing from occurring during the final drying process. We also use an array of cool-air, high flow industrial air movers to help dry your area rug in a safe and efficient manner.



Just as we perform an initial pre cleaning inspection, we also perform a post cleaning inspection. Once the area rug is completely dry, we will remove it form the cool-air drying rack and place it face up on the grated inspection service to give it a good look over. The rug technician will perform a full visual inspection of the front and back of the rug to ensure a high quality service has been completed. If the rug technician notices something that could be treated further, he will do so at no additional cost! It is not until the rug technician is absolutely sure the best possible results have been achieved that he finally signs off on completion of the rug washing service. Upon completion, a member of our team will contact you to set up the return of your freshly cleaned rug.

The day your rug is to be returned, it will be vacuumed to remove any possible storage dust accumulation and neatly packaged in clear plastic tubing.

We are proud to make customer satisfaction our main goal. Our goal of complete customer satisfaction does not only apply to the actual rug washing service, it applies to our interactions with customers as well. Whether our company is servicing your rug or you simply have some questions, you can feel free to contact us at any time and one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members would be happy to assist you in whatever way possible.  If at any time a question needs the expert knowledge of our master rug technician, he would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. We want your entire experience, no matter the extent, to be comfortable, positive and helpful!


Once your beloved area rug has been professionally serviced by the best area rug cleaning company around, do yourself a favor and protect your rug’s fibers! When it comes to most high end area rugs, they are often made of natural fibers. While the most commonly used natural fiber that you will find in high end area rugs is Wool, you will also find rugs often made of Silk, Cotton and Jute, among others. These fibers give your rug a great look and feel, which is why they are often chosen. However, these fibers are delicate in nature, which is why they require such specific methods of care.

One of the best things you can do to help prolong the life of your delicate natural fibers, aside from regular professional maintenance, is to keep them safe by applying a protectant. Our natural fiber safe protectant application process is the best way to take care of your rug after the cleaning is complete. Our protectant will coat your rug’s fibers with a solution that had no odor, no color and no noticeable texture. Once applied, it will help to keep any kind of mess trapped on the surface of the fibers, where you can easily clean it off. This helps to prevent permanent fiber damage! Check out our Protectant page for more info!

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