Area Rug Cleaning Pickup and Delivery

We here at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility know there are many options to choose from when selecting an oriental rug cleaning company. That’s why we feel that not only is a professional rug cleaning a must have when selecting a company but customer service plays an even bigger roll. We do whatever it takes to ensure the best customer service from start to finish, and that starts with our area rug cleaning pickup and delivery service.


area rug cleaning pickup and delivery


When you call our company you will be greeted by a friendly and professional real life person, no answering services or computers. When we set up your area rug cleaning pickup appointment, you will receive a text notification immediately to your cell phone. This text identifies who will be coming to your home, what time your area rug pickup will be and what day. We provide small windows of arrival for your rug pickup and delivery near me, as we know no one likes to wait around. Then, the day of your oriental rug pickup appointment, you will receive another similar text letting you know that we are in route to your home for the area rug pickup. Our company van is clearly marked with our  logo and information, and our technician’s will be wearing easily identifiable company shirts. You will provide you with rug info cards and rug pad sample. We will call you within 24 hours after the inspection of your area rug to discuss any possible concerns. We will then begin the cleaning process.


After your rug has been cleaned in rug cleaning facility, you will receive a call letting you know your rug is complete and its ready to setup your rug delivery appointment. Similar to your area rug pickup, your oriental rug delivery technicians will send you an automated text letting you know we are in route to your home for your rug delivery. We will wrap your rug in paper or plastic depending on your specific needs. Long-term storage we recommend paper, short term plastic. We will help unroll the rug and place it back anywhere you like. If your order comes with rug padding, it will be placed down first, then we will lay the freshly cleaned area rug on top.

area rug pick and delivery

We take great pride in providing a unique experience with our company. We feel, we not only specialize in the best rug cleaning in the area but also provide the best customer service. Check out the step by step cleaning videos, so you can see what separates us from carpet cleaners as well as the rest of the rug cleaning crowd. Call 813-344-5112 to schedule your area rug cleaning pickup and delivery today.