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Trust Us For The Best Area Rug Cleaning In Wesley Chapel

A clean, fresh-smelling and great looking natural fiber rug is an asset for any home or a business owner. Not only does it make an excellent first impression, but it makes the room Oriental Rug Cleaning Wesley Chapel feel more comfortable and welcoming. However, like anything else, area rugs need to be cleaned frequently. Regular vacuuming will have some effect on keeping an area rug clean, but it does not do much more than remove some loose debris from the surface pile of your rug. That is where our professional area rug cleaning service in Wesley Chapel comes in!

We perform what is called a Full-Immersion washing service. What that means is that we clean every fiber of your rug. The methods we use not only helps us reach the deep recesses of your thick rug but also disinfects it. This safe and effective service will help your rug look and smell as wonderful as possible!

Is Your Rug A Potential Health Hazard?

Over the years that we have been performing our oriental rug cleaning services in Wesley Chapel, we have run into rugs that were health hazards. Thick natural fiber rugs like Afghan, Oriental and Persian types, amongst others, can become home to everything from dust mites to bugs, fungi, and viruses. Even with consisting vacuuming, these pesky rug residents can remain and thrive within your area rug. A proper wash performed by experts in a professional facility is by far the most effective route to removing these unwanted contaminants!

On average, you should have your area rug professionally cleaned annually. The more frequent, the better. However, in a commercial establishment like a hotel, where the rugs are subjected to excessive traffic, the rugs should be professionally cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year. Professional cleaning not only makes the rugs safe to use but also extends its service life.

Rug Rejuvenating Specialists

Our area rug cleaning service in Wesley Chapel is meant to rejuvenate your rugs. As an area rug owner, you might notice the wear that your rugs will begin to show over time. Your once beautiful and vibrant area rug can begin to look worn, with dark spots, stains, visible traffic areas and even fiber damage. The longer an area rug is left untended to, the more severe the wear becomes.

Our professional technicians take your area rug cleaning service to a whole new level. Most homeowners are amazed by the results we are able to achieve with their area rug. This amazing reaction is our goal for each and every service.

Area Rug Cleaning At Your Doorstep

Having your beautiful area rug serviced does not have to be an arduous task. Our abundance of 5 star reviews online help to prove our commitment to not only an amazing rug washing service, but a fantastic customer experience as well. We do our absolute best to make the entire process as easy as possible from the moment you contact a member of our friendly staff, up through the post-service follow up call!

Call us today at 813-344-5112, for the best area rug cleaning service in Wesley Chapel!