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Area Rug Cleaning Tarpon Springs FL

Area Rug Cleaning Tarpon Springs Florida

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Tarpon Springs While most homeowners in America own a couple of area rugs, some own rugs that have been passed down generationally, while others have newer, fresher rugs. Regardless of the type of area rug you own, having it professionally cleaned is imperative to maintaining the life of the rug. Professional cleaning not only helps to restore the look and feel of the rug, it also helps to extend the life and makes it a more hygienic addition to your home. The professional cleaning service you hire needs to understand rugs just as well as they understand cleaning them. That’s where our professional area rug cleaning in Tarpon Springs comes in!

We have been providing Oriental Rug Cleaning Tarpon Springs services for close to a decade. We pride ourselves in restoring all various types of rugs. We use a multitude of processes to remove dirt, grime, stains, and pet dander, that other cleaners may leave behind. The significant difference with our approach is that we understand the admiration most have for their rug. We use that appreciation as motivation during each and every service!

How Can We Offer The Best Area Rug Cleaning Tarpon Springs Services?

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Tarpon Springs company is a family-owned and operated, small, local business. Being a family owned business means that we can focus on the things that are most important to us, which is providing the best service possible! We can provide a custom service tailored to each individual customer.

Your rug washing process begins by simply reaching out to our office. You will always be greeted by a friendly team member, ready to help in any way they can! Whether you are a first time customer with some questions, or one of our many repeat customers who trust us to regularly maintain their precious rugs, we will be happy top chat a bit and help answer any of your questions and set up your rug pickup appointment. From the moment you reach out, you will notice that our approach it meant to make the process as welcoming and easy as possible.

Once your rug is in our facility, it will be well taken care of and treated as if it were our own beloved rug. Our rug supervisor performs a thorough pre-wash inspection, which we will then call each customer to discuss. After the inspection is complete, the magic begins! Your rug will be dusted, which helps to often remove pounds of varying debris from the rug. Then, the rug will go for any specialized treatments, such as pet odor removal, before going to the wash floor for our incredibly safe and effective Full Immersion wash service. After the wash, the rug will be safely and rapidly dried using centrifugal force. Once the rug is dry, it goes through one more important post-wash inspection before our rug supervisor signs the rug off as good to go!

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons here are a couple of more to choose us:

A Dedicated Team Of Professionals: Our area rug cleaning Tarpon Springs company is full of highly dedicated professionals. As professional area rug cleaners, we will examine your rug and set realistic expectations while answering any questions you might have about the service or process.

Competitively Priced: We have made it a point to ensure that our service offers our clients the most return on their investment. That’s why unlike other services, the prices we quote are direct to your service and there are never any hidden fees or surprise charges!

We Only Use Non-Toxic Chemicals: As a business, the environment matters to us just as it does to you. That’s why our cleaning techniques do not include the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Regardless of what issues we are treating on your rug, you can be assured of a process that leaves no residue or harmful substances behind.

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Don’t let a dirty rug ruin the look of your living room, hallway, or bedroom. If you have an expensive Oriental rug it is even more imperative that you get it professionally cleaned so that it lasts a long time. It is important to remember that vacuuming is only light, surface maintenance. Only this professional Oriental rug cleaning Tarpon Springs, FL company can offer a deep cleaning that removes dirt, debris and grime from the deep recesses of your rug’s fibers. We also have a Pet-Pretreatment that comes with a 100% Pet Odor Removal Guarantee!

Need more information about our area rug cleaning Tarpon Springs services? Please feel free to reach out to us via a phone call to 813-344-5112, Live Chat, text or email. Our friendly, helpful staff is standing by!