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Professional Area Rug Cleaning In Odessa

When it comes to area rug cleaning, most people assume that regular vacuuming should suffice. While vacuuming does help with regular in home maintenance, it is not enough to keep your area rug as clean as it should be. Most domestic vacuums and steam cleaners aren’t able to reach deep down into the recesses of your rug. That’s why most of the dirt continues to reside within these deep recesses which over time, become a health hazard and cause your rugs to start smelling. That’s why at Oriental Rug, we strongly advise that rug owners have the proper, in-facility rug washing service performed. We use the latest and best cleaning equipment which helps extend the life of your area rug by performing the safest and most effective service possible.

Whether you own an expensive Oriental rug, or perhaps a more affordable rug purchased from a retail store, if it is going to be in your home, it must be clean. Our professional washers will do all they can to achieve the best possible results for each and every rug we service! Check out some of the video demonstrations on our site to learn a bit more about our service!

Oriental Rug Cleaning Odessa

We Don’t Pollute!

As a family business, we have a firm policy of never using toxic chemicals under any circumstance. Even if it means having to work longer and harder to achieve our desired results, we will still continue to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Fortunately, the eco-friendly rug cleaning system we use is highly effective, and in many ways more effective than using toxic chemicals. Another benefit to our safe cleaning method is that your rugs are safe for in home use.

The most significant upside to not using toxic chemicals is that rugs woven from natural fibers are not damaged by the solutions being used to clean them. Furthermore, we take every precautionary measure possible to ensure that we do not damage your rug in any way.

Why Our Area Rug Cleaning Services?

Well, there are a number of reasons why you should choose our rug cleaning service over others, including the fact that we are reasonably priced. Our reasonably priced service is incredibly effective and our commitment to customer service shines through in our work!

We are aware of the nuances of various types of materials/fibers. That’s why our approach is tailored towards the type and age of the rug we need to clean. It goes without saying that older rugs that are made using natural fibers require more careful cleaning as compared to a newer, possibly synthetic rug. Our specialists will take great care of your beloved rug!

Trust Us For All Your Rug Cleaning Needs

If you want a professional, affordable, and high-quality area rug cleaning service in Odessa, then look no further than the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility. We have earned a reputation for cleaning some of the most soiled carpets and rugs. Regardless of if you have an expensive rug, or a more affordable rug purchased recently, our professional cleaning service ensures that it is safe to use for you and your family.

Call us today at 813-344-5112, to find out more about our area rug cleaning service or to book an appointment.