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Area Rug Cleaning Lutz FL

Our Lutz Area Rug Cleaning Company Is The Best Treatment For Your Area Rug!

Your area rugs are more than just decoration, they are an asset. A good area rug can bring your room together, make it cozy during the winter, and can be great to look at. However, after some time, your area rug may not look as it did when you first purchased it. A few more months later, regardless of how much you sweep and vacuum, your rug can begin to lose its charm. The reason why your area rug does not look as it did  is that it is dirty and stained. Regular vacuuming, steam cleaning and sweeping do not cut it. What you need is a proper, professional, in-facility area rug cleaning service, and that’s where Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant can help you.

The Lutz Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant ensures that regardless of how soiled or old your rug may be, it can still be salvaged and if anything made to look as good as new. As an area rug owner who has spent a significant amount of time and money owning and maintaining a great looking area rug, you should never settle on anything less than the best service possible for your rug. Keep in mind that rugs that are professionally cleaned and properly maintained will last longer, look brighter and will be safe for everyone to use. Proper maintenance can make all the difference with your area rug!

Oriental Rug Cleaning Lutz

How Area Our Rug Cleaning Lut Service Works?

Our Lutz area rug cleaning service starts with a thorough inspection in our state of the art facility. We will measure your are rug and inspect for any stains, spots or damage. Photographs are always taken of your rugs to show any damage, areas of concern, as well as the progress of the wash. After this, we will conduct a pH and dye check, which allows us to determine colorfastness. After all these checks, we are ready to start cleaning the rug.

The first step in most cases is a preliminary vacuum that removes all the pet hair, dander and dirt from the surface. We then move to our more high-impact, tumble dusting system which will eliminate other harder to remove dirt, dust, hair and other debris from the rug’s deep recesses. The dusting process is followed by spot treatments on the rug to remove otherwise difficult stains. The rug is then thoroughly washed using our highly effective full-immersion process. Any fringes on the rugs get their own special treatment, once the full-immersion wash is complete.

Affordable Professional Rug Cleaning In Lutz

We provide the best area rug cleaning Lutz services at highly competitive rates, without compromising the quality of the equipment, solutions and results. Our team is comprised of the most experienced and certified rug experts who will walk through each step of the cleaning process carefully making sure not to miss a spot. We will achieve the best results possible on each and every rug we treat, even if that requires a secondary service before we return your area rug!

To find out more about our Lutz area rug cleaning services or to book our services, please feel free to call us today at 813-344-5112!