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Professional Lithia Area Rug Cleaning Services

A handmade area rug, or a rug that’s made from high-quality natural fibers, with a beautiful design can bring any room together. However, it also takes a beating from foot traffic, spills, and pets. While vacuuming is a great way to keep up with regular maintenance, it isn’t enough to keep your area rug clean throughout. Vacuuming helps to remove surface debris, such as dirt, dust, hair, etc, but it does not clean through the base fibers of the rug. That’s why it is so important to have a professional area rug cleaning Lithia services.

Oriental Rug Cleaning LithiaAt the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility, our approach to rug cleaning isn’t just to make it look clean and smell good. The goal for us to make sure that every fiber of the rug is clean, and we achieve that by using a combination of the latest equipment, the best cleaning solutions, and our vast experience. That’s why over the years we’ve earned a reputation for providing an unsurpassed Lithia area rug cleaning service.

How Important Is Your Area Rug To You?

When you first purchased your area rug, it probably cost you a lot of money and time trying to find the best one, with the perfect match of color and patterns. So, why would you care any less for it when it comes to the best way to make sure that it continues to look like it did the first day you bought it? Area rug cleaning requires special care to ensure that the color, texture, and fibers are preserved. That’s why when choosing an area rug cleaning or oriental rug cleaning Lithia company, it is essential to find a service that will treat your rugs with care and attention.

Our area rug cleaning Lithia company can clean virtually any rug. Whether you own a Romanian-Tabriz or a Keshan from Pakistan, our technicians will clean your rug thoroughly. Our certified and experienced specialists start with evaluating the rug to find the best and safest means of cleaning it. We will be more than happy to provide an in-facility analysis for all the rugs you need cleaned and use a cleaning method that’s custom-tailored to each type of rug.

No Toxic Cleaning Chemicals Used

At the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility, we have a strict policy of not using toxic chemicals to remove stains or any blemishes on your rug. While some toxic chemicals can be potent stain removers, they leave behind harmful residue and are a danger to the environment. That said, the cleaning system we use is just as effective but with zero danger to anyone.

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Your area rug is an asset and should be treated as such. The wrong cleaning method can damage it, which is why you need professionals like us to handle the cleaning. Call us today to find out more about our oriental rug cleaning services Lithia or to schedule a rug pickup at your home or place of business.

You can find out more about our professional area rug cleaning Lithia services or receive a quote by calling us at 813-344-5112 today.