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Oriental Rug Cleaning Apollo Beach Highly Effective Apollo Beach Area Rug Cleaning

One of the best things about owning an oriental rug or any other handmade natural fiber rug is that it is beautiful. If taken care of, these can potentially last for decades, some even for over a century. However, unlike a cheap rug that you can buy from any given retail store, these require special attention. You need to be careful about how they are cleaned, because improperly performing conventional cleaning methods like sweeping or vacuuming can damage its fibers.

At the Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility, our approach to cleaning area rugs depends on what we are dealing with in terms of material, existing issues and how soiled the rug is. Our Apollo Beach area rug team will examine the fibers of the rug to determine the material the rug is crafted of and the extent of damage (if there is any) and then come up with the best way to clean it thoroughly. Taking a more customized approach has over the years, yielded the best results for our clients and  while it may take some extra work, it is certainly worth it.

Why Choose Our Professional Area Rug Cleaning Apollo Beach Team?

Well, because quality matters! We have over the years perfected the art of thoroughly cleaning rugs without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. Unlike some other cleaners, we pride ourselves on being rug experts. So, not only can we clean them thoroughly but can understand what type of rug we are dealing with which allows us to take the most effective cleaning approach.

Our team consists of people who have been cleaning rugs for a very long time. The Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility has a reputation for being able to clean all types of rugs regardless of fiber type, thickness or size. However, cleaning some rugs can take longer than others, but we’ll put in the work to ensure the best results.

Not only are our cleaning services out of this world, our focus on providing an excellent customer experience adds to the many reasons why you should choose us as your Apollo Beach professional area rug cleaners! It is our strong belief that good, clear, honest communication can make all the difference in the world. Our office staff is always standing by, ready and eager to help answer any questions they can about our services, as well as your rugs. Our Rug Supervisor is even typically on hand and available to chat about some more in depth questions.

Our goal is to help make sure you are fully informed and aware of what the status of your rug is upon entering our facility, what treatments will be performed, how they will be carried out and what to expect for final results. While we are always as helpful as can be, we never sugar coat the conversation. One of the biggest things that separates us from other companies, is that we are not here to make a quick buck! We always have been and always will be here to provide the best, honest service possible!

No Area Rug Too Difficult To Clean

As a business that has been providing Apollo Beach area rug cleaning for a very long time, we’ve cleaned all types of rugs. We have seen rugs so soiled that it was hard to tell what kind of pattern was woven into the pile. However, with the right approach, we believe that all rugs can be cleaned.

While our Apollo Beach FL process is incredibly thorough, it is also as safe a process as can be performed! The Full-Immersion wash style is meant to replicate the “River Wash” method that people have been using to safely wash their rugs for generations. The River Wash method is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Rugs are washed in cool-water rivers that have a steady, non-abrasive pace to their flows. This flushing method helps to remove contaminants from not only the surface pile, but from the foundational fibers as well! The cool water flowing at a consistent rate that is not too rough helps to achieve desired results in a safe manner.

The way that we replicate this style of wash is by using tools, solutions and methods that help is to immerse the rug and agitate the debris our of the fibers in a safe and effective way. Each rug has all loose debris removed before being placed on the wash floor by a process called Dusting. Once on the wash floor, we use a steady flow of water along with safe and reliable solutions to flush the rug while we agitate the fibers. Once the debris has been loosened, it is flushed out by the steady flow of water. The rug is then rapidly dried in a manner that pulls the water out safely. This safe and proven method is what helps us to get your rug as clean as it could possibly be, no matter the existing circumstances!

Whether your rug has coffee stains, pet dander, dust mites, etc., our team will make sure to remove all debris, leaving behind a great looking rug. Not only do we provide the best service possible, but we do all of this at a competitive price and without using harsh chemicals.

Call Us Today To Discuss Your Oriental Rug Cleaning Apollo Beach Needs

Whether you have a single Afghan rug or other various natural fiber rugs, we can clean them all. Depending on the type of existing damage, we might also be able to restore them to their original glory. However, the first step is for us to examine them thoroughly. That’s why if you have any rugs that need a thorough professional cleaning, feel free to call us today. Our area rug cleaning Apollo Beach company will be happy to discuss the service options for your individual area rugs, as well as answer any questions you might have!